Own Your Workspace: The Little Things to Improve Productivity and Office Happiness

Office Happiness
Written by Christina Moore

As someone who works at the computer for the majority of her days, I can honestly tell you that staring at the screen, surrounded by bland/white walls, and nothing to inspire inspiration can hamper your productivity.

As someone who works at the computer for the majority of her  days, I can honestly tell you that staring at the screen, surrounded by bland/white walls, and nothing to inspire inspiration can hamper your productivity.

All of this started to annoy me because I knew I had the energy and motivation, but it simply felt “off”.

I decided to own my workspace and began researching ways to liven up the environment. Here is what I found and recommend.

Your desktop

Since you’re going to be staring at the screen for such an extended period of time you may as well make it attractive to the eyes. I would recommend ditching the default wallpapers in favor of something upbeat or to your taste; there are plenty to be found on https://www.reddit.com/r/wallpapers.

The other item I would recommend is the program called F.Lux. This program will change the tone of your screen as the day progresses. Instead of the blue glow it will be a warmer color depending on the time so you have less eye-strain throughout the day.

Your boss may not like it but keep a few games on the computer. You’ll have downtime so instead of sitting there staring blankly you could boot up a casual game, have fun for a few minutes, and feel recharged to jump back into work.

At the desk

Don’t worry about having a cluttered desk because many people thrive on the mess. What you do want is a desk that accommodates your needs; those dinky desks you often find on the side of the road (you know the ones) aren’t all that great to work from. I would say something like stylish glass office desks could add an aesthetic appeal and space to your work area.

Other things I would recommend you keep around would include:

· A personal journal to keep notes whenever you feel inspired

· Plants are fantastic when it comes to helping you feel relaxed

· Inspirational images (cheesy as they may be) will liven it up

Also, you must pony up the money for a decent office chair. Spend the extra money because when you’re sitting all day you really want to be comfortable (and so you’re not straining your back).

Everything Else

Remember that the goal is to own your workspace so that you’re in your comfort zone. When you’re in this zone you’ll have less overall distractions and you’ll feel inspired to work which, in turn, will help with your productivity.

I have a few of these things around my desk so here are some ideas:

· A pair of weights so when you have a few free moments you can exercise a bit

· Wall decals to freshen up the walls (in case you’re not allowed to paint them)

· A whiteboard for tracking projects (here’s why you should write things down)

· A book (or two) to give your eyes a fresher versus the computer screen

· Better lighting (consider daylight-type bulbs) so you feel less gloomy

· A really great set of headphones

My space is going to be vastly different from yours but you can get an idea of where I’m going with this; make your workspace a fun place to be in by livening it up with things you like. Add a couple of things and no longer you’ll feel like you’re cramped up in a box slowly feeling cabin fever.

What ways do you setup your workspace to feel more productive and happy?

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I am still working on accepting that there are people with intolerant minds and that you won’t be able to change everyone’s opinion.

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I’ve learned to appreciate my creative side and work ethic.

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I’m most proud of what I’ve been able to achieve in my career thus far and I would like to raise it to new heights!

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I can be an introvert, which tends to make it seem like I am avoiding people around me when that is not the case at all.

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I love my artwork!

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