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Written by Lauren Topor

This new way of working symbolizes a shift on how we choose to work, as the report shows 60 percent of the freelancers made the choice to leave the traditional workforce willingly.

This new way of working symbolizes a shift on how we choose to work, as the report shows 60 percent of the freelancers made the choice to leave the traditional workforce willingly.

Deciding to work from home is a big decision. Whether you make the leap to spend more time with your kids, take control of your career or go into business for yourself, whatever the reason, there are dozens of benefits to working from home. Take a look to find out what it’s like to work from home in these professions.

Writers & Editors

A 2015 report by Edelman, a research firm, and Upwork and Freelancers Union shows that 54 million Americans are doing freelance work. This new way of working symbolizes a shift on how we choose to work, as the report shows 60 percent of the freelancers made the choice to leave the traditional workforce willingly. And why not? Another 2015 study from Contently found that only 18 percent of freelancers work 40 or more hours per week with 46 percent of the respondents working fewer than 30 hours of week. The same study found that 38 percent of the survey respondents cite being able to create their own schedules as the best part of freelancing. And the payout isn’t too bad, either. The average freelance income from the study averaged $30,000 and five percent of the respondents make $100,000 or more.

When searching for freelance jobs online, it’s best to promote yourself with a portfolio. Contently provides a wonderful, easy-to-use platform that helps freelancers find work and display their work as well. Other platforms like Skyword and Upwork help to connect freelancers with projects. It’s best to avoid sites like Craigslist. Although it is possible to find paying work on the site, there are a variety of other credible platforms designed for freelance writers and editors.

Travel Agents

In 2015, Flex Jobs named World Travel Holdings a Top 100 company for remote jobs. The award-winning travel and leisure company is the world’s largest cruise agency and they are always looking to add talented people to their workforce. But there’s not going into an office or working in a call center with World Travel Holdings. At-home agents are able to sell travel experiences for more than 40 well-known brands, and there’s never any cold calling. Training is paid for and there are even some sweet perks, like travel discounts and paid time off.

According to data from Glassdoor, 60 percent of current or former employees would recommend the company to a friend. And, 71 percent of current and former employees approve of the World Travel Holdings CEO, Brad Tolkin. Glassdoor data also shows that customer representatives make upward of $25,000 annually.

Searching for Jobs

Deciding how you want to spend your days working is not easy. Be sure to use all the tools available to you during your job search. From company culture to benefits, it’s important to have an understanding of both the company’s values and perks before beginning your new work at home journey. One example of a top-notch careers site is LifeLock’s Career Center. The easy-to-navigate website allows jobseekers to search for jobs based on criteria such as location (zip code, state, remote) category, such as finance or accounting, for example or even by keyword to narrow the search down even further. And, candidates can create an application online.

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