5 Cities Perfect for Solo-Style Living

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A study by the Australian Institute of Family Studies found that women who choose to live solo are more likely to be more successful than men and their female counterparts who live with a partner or roommate.

Today, more and more women are putting their career first and opting to live alone. In fact, a study by the Australian Institute of Family Studies found that women who choose to live solo are more likely to be more successful than men and their female counterparts who live with a partner or roommate.

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Earlier this year, the website WalletHub analyzed more than 100 of the most populated American cities, while judging metrics such as job opportunities to employment growth. While some cities may not be shocking to see on the list (like San Francisco, California, or Seattle, Washington, for example) other top-ranking cities may come as more of a surprise.

Lincoln, Nebraska

The capital of the state, Lincoln, is one of the most populated cities in Nebraska. Its low unemployment rate and the affordable cost of living in the area make the city a desirable place to live for young women choosing to live alone. According to data compiled by Forbes, the average household income in Lincoln tips over $50,000. The city is best-known for its jobs in the banking, insurance and communication fields.

Raleigh, North Carolina

Raleigh ranks among the top cities for job growth and opportunity in a variety of polls and studies. The city is known for its prestigious schools, which include the University of North Carolina, Duke University and North Carolina State. According to a report from Glassdoor, the city ranks highest in terms of active job openings to the number of people living there. A range of health and technology companies have set up shop in Triangle Park and companies including IBM and CISCO are headquartered in the city. If you’re thinking about making a move to Raleigh, consider using a helpful online tool like Rent.com to find your new place.

Gilbert, Arizona

Incorporated within the Phoenix metropolitan area and just a short drive from hot spots and hiking trails, Gilbert, Arizona, was at one time a farming community but today it’s a bustling urban area. A series of recent projects has allowed Gilbert to grow at a fast rate, bringing both an influx of people and jobs to the area, in industries such as finance, management, and legal businesses. Future job growth in Gilbert over the course of the next decade is projected to hit nearly 40 percent, according to data from Sperling’s Best Places.

Salt Lake City, Utah

With world-class skiing and hiking opportunities just miles away, Salt Lake City, Utah, is a great place to call home for both outdoor lovers and female entrepreneurs. Ranked as No. 19 on Forbes’ list of The 20 Best Metros for Female Entrepreneurs, Salt Lake City boasts an average revenue of women-owned businesses of $155,089. If you’re considering taking your endeavor to new heights, Salt Lake City might just be the best place to start a business.

Anchorage, Alaska

More than just a destination for hunting and fishing, Anchorage is a leader in the health care and technology industries; and job growth here is steady. The state has seen 20 years of consistent growth and the economy continues to grow. Living alone is an adventure in itself, take a leap of faith and take your very own journey to Alaska.

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That we have to all appreciate the little things and to not take anything for granted.

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I’m blessed to have loving family and friends in my life.

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Graduating from Arizona State University in 2013.  Travel more and always learn from new experiences. Maybe one day I’ll even write a book about it. One day…

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