Fitness Q&A: Making Fitness Crystal Clear (Jan 2015)

Fitness Expert, Crystal Gaynor
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Written by Crystal Gaynor

Trends in fitness are a lot like trends in fashion. One week, long is in and next week, short is in. The current trend is…

Trends in fitness are a lot like trends in fashion. One week, long is in and next week, short is in. The current trend is…

QUESTION: What are the latest fitness trends?

A: Trends in fitness are a lot like trends in fashion. One week, long is in and next week, short is in. The big trend for fitness is the shorter, efficient, 30-minute workout. From Tony Horton’s “P90X” to Jillian Michael’s “BodyShred”, and everything in between, the 30 minute workouts are here to stay.

The 30-minute workouts are designed to work the entire body in a short time frame. The workouts include components of strength training, cardio and abdominal work. The exercises are multi-joint movements; for example forward lunge with a bicep curl, as opposed to a single bicep curl done on its own. If you want to AMP-UP your workouts, save time, and burn a bucket load of calories, the 30-minute workout is the one to try

QUESTION: In your opinion, which exercises are a waste of time and should be avoided?

A: We’ve all seen it, the person in the gym doing “The Behind The Neck Lat Pulldown”. This is one to steer clear of. Not only is it ineffective, it’s downright dangerous. Opt for a front Lat Pulldown; it’s safer and more effective in reaching the latisumuss dorsi muscle of the back.

If you want to see your six-pack, basic crunches are a waste of time. Instead, opt for exercises that are multi-joint movement, hitting more muscles groups at once. Exercises like lunges, kettle bell swings, and burpees are very effective. Don’t forget to include steady state cardio into your program. 30-45 minutes of running, walking, or even dancing 2-3 times a week. And above all eat clean, because we all know that ab’s are made in the kitchen!

QUESTION: Which recent fitness videos to you recommend?

A: My all time favorite is Cathe Friedrich. Always fresh and innovative, Cathe is bringing us “Ripped with HIIT”, and “X-Train” for 2015. For yoga, check out “Rodney Yee Yoga”. Rodney’s presentations are easy to follow and beginners are welcomed. The people at BeachBody never cease to amaze, and with Tony Horton’s P90X series, there’s always something new. Zumba’s “Incredible Results System” will continue to be a hit in 2015, taking Step and Salsa to “whole, nother level.”

QUESTION: Does fitness really increase your “mojo”?

A: Great question! And the answer is an absolute YES! There is nothing sexier than feeling great and looking great. When we exercise and eat right, it improves muscle tone, blood flow, and energy levels. Fitness revs up all the metabolic processes, including the libido.

Include exercises like the Pelvic Tilt in your workout. This one strengthens the glutes (butt) and hamstrings (back of the thigh) and also the lower back. Also include strength training in your program. Strength training increase testosterone levels in men and women, which fuels the sex drive. A toned body also improves your body image. And when you look sexy, you feel sexy. When you feel sexy, well, you are SEXY. So hit the gym, and hit the sheets!


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Crystal Gaynor

Exercise and good nutrition were always a major part of my life growing up. My mother and my grandmother were both avid gardeners and grew everything from apples to zucchini. It was not usual to ask for a snack and receive a plate of collard greens. But that is where my love for all foods green and healthy began.

I studied dance as a child and majored in Dance at Eastern Michigan University. Being in shape has always been a natural state of being for me, so deciding to become a fitness professional was an easy one.

I received the following certifications from The American Council on Exercise:

Group Fitness (2004)
Personal Trainer (2009).

I also hold these certifications and licenses:

Weight Training

In addition, I am a certified Jillian Michael “Body Shred” trainer.

I have trained hundreds of people in the New Jersey area. My client list includes celebrities, professional athletes, and men, women and children from all ages and walks of life. Practicing what I preach, you can find me working out at a neighborhood gym or walking in my local park.

I have been a contributing writer at Identity Magazine since 2010.
I was a featured model in Bobbi Brown Cosmetics’ “Pretty Powerful” beauty campaign.

My goal is to help you achieve a Crystal Clear Life, through the use of exercise, nutrition and a positive attitude. Remember to keep life simple and Crystal Clear.

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