Quitting on Life, Love, and Experiences Will Leave You Feeling Like a Failure

I’ve experienced imposter syndrome and so has pretty much every Mompreneur going after what she wants.
Written by Susan Vernicek

I have landed over $75,000 in contracts in my business because I never quit or canceled a not-well-attended workshop or have not showed up to a mastermind asking for help, or not have attended the networking events I RSVP’d to, even if that means driving over an hour.

The first month of the New Year is over and we have thrived. It is now, and throughout February that we must continue to keep ourselves motivated to abide by the New Year’s Resolutions to which we’ve committed. And, in addition, we are about to be bombarded with all things LOVE, come February 14th.

I’m an advocate of looking more closely at self-love/love, passion, dreams, experiences and pursuing your desires. For the last 10 years, I’ve bolstered my ability to persevere when it comes to these matters and I hope to inspire you — EVEN if it’s just for today — to keep taking steps forward toward loving yourself, your life, and your experiences to their fullest.

Part of the reason I’m such a fervent believer (and, I hope, motivator!) is because of my own experiences: Really and truly have I benefitted from the wonderful outcomes that followed when I, myself, DID NOT QUIT. I also happen to know firsthand that often times, when one does throw in the towel, it can lead to a feeling of failure, which none of us wants or deserves. Part of that disappointment would stem from recognizing that you didn’t give it your all and, in the end, you have only yourself to hold yourself accountable.

Don’t Quit on  Life, Love, and Experiences:  Why not share some anecdotes? Some solid evidence? In fact, I can:

1. I have landed over $75,000 in contracts in my business because I never quit or canceled a not-well-attended workshop or have not showed up to a mastermind asking for help, or not have attended the networking events I RSVP’d to, even if that means driving over an hour. I realized every experience is a lesson and an opportunity to improve, dig deeper, and make my business and partnerships stronger, and thereby poised for continued growth. If I had quit, I wouldn’t be as successful as I am today.

2. Over the past 10 years, I have acquired an unconditional self-love borne of continued self-discovery, question asking, attending workshops and conferences and more. I’ve never given up on educating myself and improving my attitude. Remember, folks, self-love is never really a final destination–it’s a journey and I embrace every single step.

3. I married an amazing man because I took a chance at online dating; took it slow; and got to know him for 4 +years. As a married couple, we work hard on making the relationship flourish together, as a team. It’s not necessarily easy, but giving up is too easy. In all, you have to give it your all until you know for sure it’s time to move on.

4. I’ve self-published a book and even if it’s not the number one seller on Amazon, it’s a key tool/gift for my successful workshops. I am currently working on a quote book series in hopes to be an Amazon best seller. Setting the intention ☺

5. I have felt many times like quitting as a Mom and Mompreneur because frankly, it’s hard as shit to run a business, raise twins, keep the house in order and be a wife. I seek therapy when I need it, I vent when I need it and I drink wine when I want it. I don’t quit because I know I’m given what I can handle and I have the choice to find the best way to mange it all.

With self-love there must exist self-awareness and self-acceptance. I keep emphasizing that we all need to cultivate these two aspects—or layers–in order to gain the capacity to feel and give UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

Here are a few of many facets of self love and unconditional love that I’ve come to realize and also how they really create a special power in each of us–they strengthen, embolden, and inspire:

1. Self-love, which necessitates self-awareness, isn’t about conceit, vanity, self-centeredness or self-absorption.

2. Love of self and others includes kindness and compassion. We’ve got to be kind to ourselves but also spread good will and compassion to all living beings.

3. There exists unconditional love for family–and even friends–that is true, deep, authentic and empathetic. I know it when I cry with pure joy when a friend is married, has a child, etc.

4. Self-love and unconditional love nurture body and mind. Pure love is really a benefit to our overall health and well-being.

5. Unconditional love must include trust, plus the ABILITY TO ADAPT. When we love we must trust and be trustworthy. We also must adapt and shift to the needs and wants of others and in doing so, we evolve…

Yes, let’s think about love and perseverance in all their guises and, better, how they should be fostered and cradled for OUR OWN benefit, not to mention for those around us.

Don’t quit, I declare…

How are you going to persevere today?

As we head toward Valentine’s Day, please tell us via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram how you will just say ‘no’ to quitting today or any other day on love and life.

We’d L O V E to hear from you!!!! 😉

Identity Magazine is all about empowering women to get all A’s in the game of life — Accept. Appreciate. Achieve.TM Every contributor and expert answer the Identity 5 questions in keeping with our theme. Their answers can be random and in the moment or they can be aligned with the above article. As a team, we hope to inspire and motivate ourselves and inspire you to get all A’s.

1. What have you accepted within your life, physically and/or mentally? What are you still working on accepting?

I really accepted and have embraced that my body is a shell that will always change. It’s my soul and self-love that truly mattes–this we take to the grave.

2. What have you learn to appreciate about yourself and/or within your life, physically and mentally? What are you still working on to appreciate?

I appreciate the past 10 years of self-discovery.

3. What is one of your most rewarding achievements in life? What makes YOU most proud? What goals and dreams do you still have?

So proud of my hard work and looking forward to becoming a best selling Author for my quote book series!

4. We all have imperfections, so we think. The truth–we are all perfectly imperfect. What are your not-so-perfect ways? What imperfections and quirks create who you are–your Identity?

I rush because I can be impatient.  

5. “I Love My…” is an outlet for you to express and appreciate all the positive traits that make you…well… YOU! Sharing what you love about yourself will make you smile, feel empowered, and uplift your spirit and soul. (we assure you!) Identity challenges you to complete the phrase “I Love My…?”

I love my ability to admit when I need to ask for help when I’m  not feeling “happy” or feeling internal love.  I love that I can embrace it to discover the why and find a solution.

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I’ve experienced imposter syndrome and so has pretty much every Mompreneur going after what she wants.

Susan Vernicek

Mindset Coach, Susan Vernicek ignites and empowers Mompreneurs who struggle to discover their balance between MomLife + BizLife. For over a decade she's been helping them create a winning Mompreneur Mindset so that they can consciously thrive at home and KILL IT in business —without feeling guilty and letting go of the comparison game.

With 14 years of experience and overcoming her own emotional, financial, and physical rock bottom, she's now thriving as a Mompreneur.

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