Honoring Women Taking Risks to Achieve and Inspire

B.I.G. Members' Choice Awards
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Written by Julie Pearl

Participate in the B.I.G.’s (Believe. Inspire. Grow.) Members’ Choice Awards by voting for outstanding ladies—members of B.I.G, who have made extraordinary contributions in support of professional women.

Now is the ideal time: Time to assert confidence in your wholly unique self. Time to go forth in realizing your dreams and living your passions throughout all facets of life as a contemporary woman…It also happens to be time to participate in the B.I.G.’s (Believe. Inspire. Grow.) Members’ Choice Awards by voting for outstanding ladies–members of B.I.G, who have made extraordinary contributions in support of professional women.

From the outset, B.I.G. has endeavored to motivate and embolden women of all walks. They reach out primarily to the entrepreneurs, the creators and the visionaries, be they single, married, raising children or going it solo in business. Their founders and members fervently affirm women’s entitlement to fulfillment in all realms–as individuals, within family life and their careers. They consist of women helping women conquer, achieve and prosper.

There are so many means by which one can forge a triumphant path, while nurturing oneself, a happy family AND a successful career. Clearly, however, there exist many a challenge, tons of obstacles along the journey. As the 2016 Visionary Award Media Sponsor, Identity Magazine purports, the process can entail, among others, 3 Steps to toward achievement:

1st – Thinking about one’s goals and aspirations
2nd- Talking about dreams and passions, and what obstacles one might encounter
3rd- Taking action toward accomplishing those goals, including those to conquer and excel

It’s no surprise to learn that a number of professional women from across the country have risen to the occasion. Embodying the notion of women’s empowerment, they have each taken those steps and those chances and, in turn, have flourished. Earning all “A’s” in the game of life, these dynamic ladies turned their passions into realities, not to mention inspired countless others. Motivating and moving ever forward, they are the finalists in B.I.G.’s Members’ Choice Awards which will take place at a Red Carpet Gala in NYC on May 19, 2016..

Read more about these generous risk-takers and watch their personal videos HERE. Then become part of the vision on behalf of — and in support of– all women who aspire to be their best by submitting your vote TODAY!


Visionary Award : (Media Sponsor Identity Magazine)

Diana Polack
Jen Miller
Laura Gump

Mustang Sally's NowDriven To Success (Sponsored by Mustang Sally’s Now)

Joy Chang
Dianne Grossman
Rupa Kale

Money $ensation Award

Linda Albright
Honey Correia
Casey Carpenter

Innovator of the Year

Kate Motz
Renee Wainberg
Susan Devaney

Schumacher InsuranceRisk Taker Award (Sponsored by  Schumacher Insurance)

Nicole Perry
Susan Devaney
Ipshita Ghosh

Leader of the Year Award

Caroline Gosselin
Melanie Wilson
Donna Leyens

Customer Service Award

Virginia Liberato
Andrea Walker
Mallika Malhotra


MemB.I.G. Members' Choice Awardber of the Year Award (Sponsored by B.I.G.)

Amy Levitt
Kathy Costa
Nina Pomeroy


 “Better Together” Award

Hope Loves Company
2 Grannies on the Road
Kanani Briggs & Malika Malhotra


B.I.G. Members’ Choice Awards Sponsors

Identity Magazine
Mustang Sally’s Now
Schumacher Insurance

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Julie Pearl, Assistant Editor for Identity Magazine. Hailing from New Jersey, Julie Pearl is a freelance copy/content writer and published poet with a love of indie movies, quality books and cuisine. A magna cum laude graduate of Lehigh University, there she earned a BA in Psychology and minored in American Literature. On a winding path like many, Julie consistently aspires to be a better, more mindful and ever more grateful human. You can connect with her at wordpearls@yahoo.com.