A Complete Guide to Redecorating After a Life-Changing Event

Life Changing Events
Written by Lilia Ortiz

Life-changing events can be stressful. But, you can turn any experience into something positive if you find the right angle. According to Tiny Buddha, the interior design of your home can directly affect your mood and shift any life changing event to a more positive experience.

Life-changing events can be stressful. But, you can turn any experience into something positive if you find the right angle. According to Tiny Buddha, the interior design of your home can directly affect your mood and shift any life changing event to a more positive experience.

Getting rid of old decor, changing the color of your walls or even adding a few trinkets that make you happy can get you ready for the fresh start you crave after a divorce, marriage, a career change, a move or the adoption of a furry friend.

After a Divorce

One of the easiest ways to update the look of your home after a divorce is by adding color. According to an infographic created by British department store TJ Hughes, purple adds serenity to a living room, grey is best for bathrooms and blue in a home office keeps you focused. Additionally, adding small touches of color in your accent pieces, like drapes, rugs and lamps, reflects your personality and can help you take advantage of color psychology. These small changes not only keep your mind off of the split, but they also are affordable and easy to do.

After a Marriage

Lovestruck newlyweds can create a beautiful nest together without breaking the bank by combining both individual’s design preferences into one cohesive look. Instead of starting over with completely new furniture and decor, reuse the items you already own to decorate your new home. Some creative ways to create a style that is unique to you and your sweetheart, says Pure Home, includes adding hints of femininity to masculine spaces or designing gender-neutral rooms. For example, add girly accents (think sheepskin throw pillows and floral prints) to a room with a dark color palette, or designate an entire wall for both of your artwork.

After a Career Change

Starting a new job is always an exciting period in anyone’s life. Treat yourself to a change of scenery by redecorating your at-home work space. Avoid a boring business decor scheme by adding fun artwork or wall decals to otherwise plain walls. You also should invest in the right furniture pieces. A well-made desk and a comfortable chair are must-haves for any work space, just make sure to purchase these in a neutral tone that pairs well with any color palette.

After a Move

Although you have most of your furniture from your last place, you need to take a fresh approach to your new home. Before you move any furniture in, think about the colors of the walls, carpet, tile and wood and how it goes with your furniture. Take the time to paint or replace any flooring before you start moving in to avoid the hassle of moving everything later. Also, map out how you want to place your furniture according to the layout of each room. Depending on the size of your space and furniture, you may need to get rid of some old furniture and invest in new pieces. Just don’t be afraid to mix it up from your old place.

After a New Pet

Fido might be the cutest thing you ever laid your eyes on, but failing to redecorate before bringing him home might spell disaster to your furniture and carpet. Survive the challenges of puppyhood by replacing your fragile decor items with more rugged pieces. Think about large shatterproof vases, chic wall indoor plant holders to keep poisonous plants off of the floor, hardwood floors and furniture that matches the color of your pet’s fur, suggests HGTV.

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