What Happens When You Follow Your Intuition

What Happens When You Follow Your Intuition
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Written by Kirra Sherman

When you follow your Intuition is you feel more alive, but what gets in the way are the reasons and agendas to follow your heart. Let go of your agendas.




Why do you follow Intuition? And what happens when you do?  

For anyone who follows intuition, you already know that it impacts every single part of your life. And if you’re really following your inspirational feelings, there is no reason whatsoever that’s part of the action you take. In other words, many people do things in their life or business with the aim of getting a result. However, following your intuition is not about getting results, although I have found many more impacting and focused results do occur, it’s about the aliveness you feel when you take that action.  

Following your intuition makes you come alive and takes you somewhere, but you can’t always see where it’s guiding you until later. Maybe the actions you take will take you on a journey that’s all about you. Maybe it will support you in success in the endeavor that you love, but the purpose is just the feeling that it gives you, and who you become as a result of taking those actions.

Follow your intuition because it’s what you love, and those actions will leave you fulfilled.

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Identity Magazine is all about empowering women to get all A’s in the game of life — Accept. Appreciate. Achieve.TM Every contributor and expert answer the Identity 5 questions in keeping with our theme. As a team, we hope to inspire and motivate ourselves and inspire you to get all A’s.

1. What have you accepted within your life, physically and/or mentally? What are you still working on accepting?

Myself. Little by little I’ve learned to see my self through the eyes of love and find the perfection of life by embracing my humanity. I’ve accepting that everything I’ve experienced in my life has supported me to expand into my truth.

2. What have you learn to appreciate about yourself and/or within your life, physically and mentally? What are you still working on to appreciate?

I appreciate that no matter what challenges I’ve faced, I’ve decided to take the road less traveled and appreciate everything that has ever happened in my life because every event has brought me to exploring the aliveness of life itself.

3. What is one of your most rewarding achievements in life? What makes YOU most proud? What goals and dreams do you still have?

When I first left my corporate job, it was my most rewarding achievement because I was so afraid of leaving the security I believed it gave me (at the time) and so taking that leap led me to a path of becoming an entrepreneur and following my heart wherever it may lead.

My biggest goal right now is finish a book I’ve been writing.

4. We all have imperfections, so we think. The truth–we are all perfectly imperfect. What are your not-so-perfect ways? What imperfections and quirks create who you are–your Identity?

I don’t believe in a “not-so-perfect-way” because everything can be turned into a life lesson. However, I sometimes do the opposite of what may be perceived to be “the right thing to do” that I have a judgment for. i.e. If I have judgment for licking my fingers as the dinner table, or something that isn’t the “spiritual” thing to do, I transform my own judgment by going into the behavior that’s “wrong” consciously to overcome it. Rather than resisting the behavior, I own it.

Quirky — my whole personality feels really quirky. I actually like cleaning, and I have been known to sometimes watch certain movies over 15 times (possibly upwards of 30).

5. “I Love My…” is an outlet for you to express and appreciate all the positive traits that make you…well… YOU! Sharing what you love about yourself will make you smile, feel empowered, and uplift your spirit and soul. (we assure you!) Identity challenges you to complete the phrase “I Love My…?”

Humor. There are few things I love more than to laugh, and I’m pretty funny. A friend and I joked how it could sound arrogant, but we love our humor so much that if you don’t think we’re funny, you need to work on your humor! Just kidding, kind of… =)

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