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SkinnyMint Your Way To a Fresh Start

Susan Vernicek
Written by Susan Vernicek

I’m not into nor support fad diets or quick fixes, so when I review and share these types of products it’s not to tell you about the latest weight loss trend, but to provide an honest review of products I’m curious about.

I’m not into, nor do I support, fad diets or quick fixes. So, when I review and share products like these,  it’s not to tell you about the latest weight loss trend, but to provide an honest review of products I’m curious about.

I wanted to test this product and see what it was all about because I love a good detox—one as healthy as can be– and I love a cup of hot tea.  Sometimes our bodies need healthy detoxes to augment our daily diets and I’m all for adding   a natural detox to my healthy daily intake.

It’s took me years, through college a little time afterwards, to accept the fact that there is no “healthy” quick fix and that life is all about creating one’s own harmony and balance in terms of  all you put IN and ON your body.

I’d love to share this 28-day Teatox brand review with you because I’ve taken their 28-day challenge and I believe you’ll find my thoughts interesting:

They call this product SkinnyMint and it is packed to the brim with antioxidants:

It’s a rest

It’s a kickstart

It’s a detox

It’s a boost

I must also share that, during my time on this detox challenge, I gave up coffee and alcohol for a complete cleanse. So to recap: I eliminated coffee and alcohol and started this 28-day SkinnyMint Teatox challenge.  

Check below for my quick brand overview.

Brand Identity – Highlights at a Glance:

o Their product-line branding is bright with inspiring colors on their packaging and social media engagement

o The brand’s social media is engaging and fun, however, I’m not a fan of the ‘before and after’ pictures because I don’t trust them. My past corporate job involved manipulating photos, specifically ‘before and after’ photos and, to be honest, it was BS

o The kit you receive is branded well and creates excitement for the 28-day journey


o It’s super affordable

o Who doesn’t love tea? If you don’t, don’t buy it

o It’s extremely easy with a morning tea and a nighttime tea, alternating every other night

o If you’re wondering about the taste, it’s delicious!  If you like tea, you’ll love it

o They provide you with a really cool guide with 5 tips to get the most out of your Teatox

o When you order SkinnyMint, the product comes with a calendar and an action step for every one of the 28-days

I love how SkinnyMint provides additional tools with the Teatox so you have an action plan for each day. Success can’t be easier! They set up the system so you don’t have to think– their daily calendar makes it simple to remember to stay on track and follow the plan. SkinnyMint sets you up to succeed, not fail. Now, who doesn’t LOVE that?

So, give SkinnyMint a try if you’re looking to reset, detox, feel lighter, feel more energized or substitute your coffee for tea!


The only cons  that I found are the ‘quick fix’ marketing approach in their social media. Other that, I always advise that you discuss diets and food/intake changes with your physician before trying them.

On a rating scale of 1 to 5, with  5 being the best, we give SkinnyMint an overall 5!


Disclaimer: This review was not sponsored. Identity Magazine did not receive compensation to write this review.

About the author

Susan Vernicek

Susan Vernicek

Facts about Susan Vernicek:
• She’s happily married and a mother of 4 year old twins.

• She’s tried almost every fad diet back in her quick-fix days, admits at age 36 it’s a struggle to work hard on overall balance and is focused on not giving into the unhealthy fads we see daily.

• She’s all natural with natural blonde hair, uneven breasts, a bigger nose, and full of curves that she learns to appreciate more and more each day.

• She had a career where part of her job was staring at herself 40 hours a week manipulating her very own face as well as others.

• She’s the youngest of 7, ranging from 38-60+, an Aunt, Great Aunt and even younger than some of her nieces and nephews!

• She’s traveled and seen over 8 countries and spent a summer in London finding her passion and embracing life.

• She created CJS Identity Properties. AKA IdentityMagazine.net, having no business background and at the age of 25.

•She's a certified Holistic Health Coach and Diamond BeachBody Coach

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