Tasks Real Estate Agents Should Consider Outsourcing

Tasks Real Estate Agents Should Consider Outsourcing
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Written by Alison Stanton

While you are amazingly adept at being self-reliant and like to manage everything on your own, taking on all of the responsibilities of your business may prevent you from growing your company and landing new clients. With this in mind, you may want to outsource one or more of the following tasks…

Being an incredibly organized and efficient Wonder Woman of a real estate agent can be a bit of a double-edged sword at times. While you are amazingly adept at being self-reliant and like to manage everything on your own, taking on all of the responsibilities of your business may prevent you from growing your company and landing new clients. With this in mind, you may want to outsource one or more of the following tasks:

Administrative work

If you feel you spend most of your days answering phone calls and emails and trying to keep up with mountains of paperwork, you might want to hire a friendly and efficient assistant who can tackle these relatively mundane jobs with ease. It might feel odd at first to have someone else doing these tasks, but it can also free up several valuable hours a week – time you can use to meet with new clients. Handing off the bookkeeping, filing and paperwork alone will really help your busy schedule seem less hectic.

Animal control services

Instead of trying to tackle ridding your properties of unwanted critters on your own, you should hire a professional to help you out. Companies such as Critter Control provide reliable animal control services that will free up time in your day for other tasks. As a major bonus, you won’t have to purchase or handle bug spray, come face to face with creepy crawly insects or spend hours researching how to rid an attic of bats. Simply call in the professionals and focus on what you do best – buying and selling homes.

Social media

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are all great ways to get the word out about homes that you have for sale, but they can also take up a huge amount of your time. While you might want to continue to post at least some things on social media, real estate marketing firm Placester suggests outsourcing the more basic posts to a marketing assistant.

Sit down with him or her and spend some time going over previous social media posts. This will help your new assistant learn your “voice” and be able to craft messages that sound like you. You may be surprised how much time you spent each day on these various sites, and you will definitely appreciate having more hours a week to devote to tasks that will grow your business.

Staging and photographers

To make homes look as spiffy as possible for open houses, you probably spend a lot of time staging them. This is an ideal task to outsource to someone else. Professional stagers have not only the tools and know-how to make a home look its best, but hiring them will take that job off your to-do list and allow you to focus on the other things that you do best.

You may also wish to hire a photographer to take photos of the properties. While you may have the latest smartphone that takes great pictures or a nice camera, professionals can use equipment such as lenses and editing techniques that will help make all the rooms look their best.

A few words of advice

No matter which jobs you decide to outsource, take the time to interview several candidates to find the best fit. Ideally, the person will work with you long term, so you won’t have to spend time training a new assistant every few months. Check references and ask to see samples of work to be sure they are reliable and have the level of expertise you want.

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