5 Super Easy Ways To Cut Calories Without Hitting The Gym

Cut Calories Without Hitting The Gym
Written by Cathy Scarlett

Is the gym your ultimate ‘frenemy’? Do you wish to lose weight and sport a model-like look without even hitting the gym? If you said yes, then here are some simple tips you can follow to accomplish your fitness goals the gym-free way.

Is the gym your ultimate ‘frenemy’? Do you wish to lose weight and sport a model-like look without even hitting the gym? If you said yes, then here are some simple tips you can follow to accomplish your fitness goals the gym-free way.

1. Drink lots of water

According to science, we are not really hungry every time our stomach starts growling. The fact of the matter is, the brain is incapable of differentiating between appetite and thirst. So the best way to know if you need food or water is to gulp down half a bottle of water and wait for 20 to 30 minutes. See if you still feel hungry. If you don’t, then all that your brain was asking for was water.

Water is a great substitute for unnecessary snacking too. In a recent study, it was found that gulping down 16 ounces of water (preferably 30-40 minutes) before meal contributes to weight loss. How? The logic is very simple: water has zero calories and it makes you feel fuller. In addition to weight loss, drinking more water offers other benefits like better digestion, clearer skin, and improved fat metabolism.

2. Watch your diet

Anyone who follows a strict diet can easily lose weight even without hitting the gym but someone going to the gym and eating junk food daily has no chance of losing weight at all. In fact, medical experts say that weight loss is 75% diet and 25% exercise. Garagegymplanner.com is one of the most visited sites that educate readers on the right fitness and diet methods. It makes sense to check their blog and learn some simple self-help remedies for fitness and weight loss.

An hour’s exercise session has less impact on your calories than a single session of pizzas and burgers. So instead of sweating it out at the gym, try sticking to a healthy fat-free diet if you want to lose weight fast.

3. Do your workout at home

Gym workouts are more focused towards developing muscles (e.g. biceps, chest, abs, thighs) whereas other exercises like pushups, pull ups, lunges, and skipping are meant to improve your overall strength and power and also burn calories faster. The simple do-at-home exercises consume less time and they’re easy to do as well. Just spend 20 minutes a day doing these simple activities and you’ll be never regret your decision to skip the gym. Other great activities include biking to work and taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Save that expensive gym membership fees!

4. Vary your activity

Did you think that it’s impossible to get fit and healthy without following a fail-proof gym routine? If that’s what you thought, then we say you need to ditch that idea. Researchers have found that the body itself finds the best ways to move around. So instead of varying your physical activities, if you are going to follow the same workout routine week after week, then you’re not training your body the right way.

The more you vary your fitness activities, the better your body will respond to them and the better results you’ll see. Simple activities include stretching, jogging, yoga, hiking, swimming, and tennis. Skip the gym and have fun doing these activities. They are a lot more fun and effective than gym workouts. Doing more of outdoor activities helps improve your mood and self-esteem and in turn fight boredom and depression.

5. Sleep well

Whether you stay awake until late night to watch a movie or wake up a couple of hours earlier than your usual timing to complete a project, your sleep has a direct impact on your weight. Insufficient sleep leads to stress and weight gain. According to Michael Breus, the author of The Sleep Doctor’s Diet Plan: Lose Weight Through Better Sleep, even 30 minutes shortage of sleep could lead to weight gain.

Insufficient sleep is directly linked to high secretion of cortisol, a stress hormone that makes you to eat more. In a research report published by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, it was found that people who slept less ate 300 calories or more per day than those who slept well. The bottom line is, your sleeping pattern has a direct impact on your health and weight. In other words, sleep well to avoid adding up extra calories and stress.

Staying fit and healthy is not just about hitting the gym and indulging in a 60-minute intense workout session every day. Exercise is just 25% and your diet, sleep and daily habits form the remaining 75%. In order to complete a full circle, make sure to follow the above-mentioned tips. If you have suggestions or questions, please put them in the comments and we’ll pick up the conversation from there.

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1. What have you accepted within your life, physically and/or mentally? What are you still working on accepting?

I have accepted change. Through my experience, I have learnt that nothing is permanent. If you want to be successful in life, you need to learn to adapt to different situations in life.  However, you might come across things that are tempting and hard to ignore but don’t add any real value to your life. You must ignore them. I’m still working on my self-control.

2. What have you learn to appreciate about yourself and/or within your life, physically and mentally? What are you still working on to appreciate?

After working with four different companies and hundreds of people, I have learnt that I’m a gifted talent. I believe I’m a real good example of a smart worker. I have the ability to complete things in less time than my colleagues. Working with people from different background has helped me to realize my true potential. Now, I have set big targets for myself and I’m sincerely working towards them.  I appreciate my honesty, self-confidence, determination, and ability to get more things done in less time.

3. What is one of your most rewarding achievements in life? What makes YOU most proud? What goals and dreams do you still have?

I’m still in late 20’s. I have received awards and recognition at my workplace, but I do not consider them great. The best is yet to come…  The one thing that makes me proud is my ability to learn quickly from my mistakes as well as others’ mistakes. I do have big goals, but I prefer to keep it a secret 🙂

4. We all have imperfections, so we think. The truth–we are all perfectly imperfect. What are your not-so-perfect ways? What imperfections and quirks create who you are–your Identity?

I believe no one is perfect. If you are born as a human, you will make mistakes. We all make mistakes. Knowingly or unknowingly, we hurt others (especially our partner), we decline to help others when we actually can, and we don’t give 100% at work. These are some of the mistakes we do every day.

Not fulfilling one’s spiritual duties also brings bad karma. I have realized my mistakes and I’m trying to change myself. I know it doesn’t happen overnight. But over time, I will be a much better person.

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I love myself. I am happy and proud about the fact that I’ve been able to realize my potential. May be, I will realize more of who I am when I face tough challenges. It’s the tough circumstances that bring the best out of a person. I’ve had some rough patches and finding ways to overcome them has made me stronger.

I love my family. No matter how much they hurt me, I won’t let them down.

Last but not the least; I love the company I work for.

I love my life.

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