How to Encourage Your Teen to Be Independent

How to Encourage Your Teen to Be Independent
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Written by Carol Trehearn

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If you are a parent of a teenager and you’re trying to figure out how to strike that perfect balance of encouraging them to be independent and their own person, while still getting to be a parent to them, then you’re likely exhausted!

Finding that balance can be difficult, to say the least. You don’t want to come off as pushy meddling, but at the same time you want to help them the best you can. This is exactly why we’ve put together some tips on how to encourage your teen to be independent while keeping that balance you strive for.

Help Them Get their Driver’s License

One of the best ways you can help them to feel independent is to help them get their driver’s license so they can get out there and start to explore on their own. Yes, this is a scary time as a parent, but showing that you trust your teen and you believe in them will do wonders for their confidence. Why not help them while easing your mind by using a service like The site is designed to help people pass their DVSA/DVLA theory test by providing a variety of free mock theory tests.

Teens use the site to look at theory practice tests so they can start to learn the material, quiz themselves, and be prepared. The site even offers feedback and helpful hints.

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Talk to Them About Responsibility

As adults, we are responsible for all kinds of things in our life – both our personal and work life. This is why it’s important to speak to teens about the importance of responsibility. It needs to go further than a conversation though, they also need to be given the opportunity to show responsibility.

This usually starts to happen when they are very young, and as they grow older the idea is to give them more and more responsibility. Ensure that there are consequences and lessons to be learned – both negative and positive from these different situations. If it looks like they are going to make a mistake, it’s important to let them as this is an opportunity for them to learn.

Allow them to See the Real World

When kids are young, parents do their best to shield them from the “real world” and the disappointments it can contain. As they reach their teen years it’s important for parents to step back and allow them to see what the real world is about. This helps them to prepare for adulthood and the life ahead of them. How can they set goals in life if they aren’t getting the full picture of what life is really about?

Emphasize the Importance of Self-Help

This is another important skill to teach your teen. They need to be able to recognize when they need help and figure out a solution on their own. Now obviously some issues will need outside help, but the goal is to teach your teen how to be resourceful with their own skills and knowledge.

Raising a Strong and Independent Teen

Raising a strong and independent teen isn’t just going to come overnight, it takes effort and patience. Offering support and an ear to listen will help your teen as they start to feel their way in the real world.

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