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Creative Expressions of Appreciation with Just a TOUCH

Creative Expressions of Appreciation with Just a P-Touch Label Maker
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Written by Julie Pearl

Feast your eyes on some of the creative ways you can ornament to personalize your Valentine’s Day gifts

What Creative Plans Do You Have for Valentine’s Day?

What exactly does the “P” in the  P-Touch Label Maker  stand for? Well, I Googled it to Kingdom Come and as of yet, I haven’t come up with anything definitive.  I decided, therefore, that that “P” simply must refer to “PERSONAL” or “PERSONALIZATION.”

Why? Because when it comes to it, the uses and purposes of the P-touch Label Maker pretty much boil down to personalizing. We mean personalizing  not only office files and the like, but also an array of other items like crafts, cards, gifts, and then some!

This diminutive device (that comes in a variety of models) adds bang to the buck because of its multiple uses and the possibilities it creates when it comes to being……um, creative. Customizing as such falls right into place in terms of the ways in which we can express appreciation, gratitude, and love, love, love.

Creative Expressions of Appreciation with  a P-Touch Label Maker

If you haven’t already, give some thought to the P-Touch Label Maker come Valentine’s Day. You can add that extra expression of intimacy with the ability to customize–aka,   personalize–gifts for your loved ones.  

By taking advantage of this simple-to-use tool (available at Amazon for $30), you can individualize any gift. Embellish gifts for your colleague, spouse, lover, partner, or friend–by adorning them with any of the variety of fonts and colors the P-Touch Maker offers. Upgrade the conventional  to upgrade your relationships.

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Feast your eyes on some of the creative ways you can ornament to personalize your Valentine’s Day gifts.  Read below how you can form lasting memories with the P-Touch Label Maker.  

  • Amp up your Valentine’s Day cards. You don’t need to settle for the one-note, cliché, store-bought or computer-generated cards. Add some love–and   zing–   by customizing the blah with lyrics to your dear one’s favorite song, ‘your song’ as a couple, or even the words to a poem that touches your loved one’s heart.
  • Instead of whispering ‘sweet nothings,’ print them out. Place them in secret spots or even in plain sight, like on a sweet treat (see the Macaroon flags above), light switch or coffee mug where your Valentine will be reminded of your feelings outright or by surprise!
  • Craft a more notable note. Say hurray to a basic bouquet BUT make your honey cheer with delight by adding a personalized message that he/she will hang onto long after the flowers wilt.
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This is just a smattering of the sensational, stylish forms of personalization you have at your fingertips. With just a touch of a button, you will show your genuine appreciation with the P-Touch Label Maker. Have fun and flatter your loved ones.

And Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

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Julie Pearl

Julie Pearl, Assistant Editor for Identity Magazine. Hailing from New Jersey, Julie Pearl is a freelance copy/content writer and published poet with a love of indie movies, quality books and cuisine. A magna cum laude graduate of Lehigh University, there she earned a BA in Psychology and minored in American Literature. On a winding path like many, Julie consistently aspires to be a better, more mindful and ever more grateful human. You can connect with her at wordpearls@yahoo.com.

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