How to Stay Healthy While You Study for Your MBA

How to Stay Healthy While You Study for Your MBA
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Written by Carol Trehearn

By taking better care of yourself while you study for your MBA, you’ll give yourself the best chance to flourish.

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Whether you’re studying on campus for your MBA, or studying in your spare time to obtain your no GMAT online MBA degree, you’ll want to make sure that you stay in good health. Enjoying good health entails a lot more than just avoiding illness. Good health means that you’ll have the drive to deal with a heavy workload, the resilience that keeps you going when things get tough, and the sharp mind that makes completing assignments and acing exams a breeze.

How to Stay Healthy While You Study for Your MBA

You Are What You Eat

Diet is one of the first things to be neglected when you’re busy working and studying. It’s time consuming to shop for fresh food and then whip up a healthy meal day after day, but it’s oh-so-easy to order a pizza or drop by your favorite restaurant. Don’t settle for easy!

The problem with eating for convenience is that you won’t get enough of the nutrients that your body needs to work properly, and you’ll consume the carbohydrate rich foods that sap your energy and cause brain fog.

What’s the solution?

Learn to prepare quick meals like salads, stir-fry’s and smoothies, or opt for slow cooker dishes that you can leave to simmer away all day long.

When you fuel your body with protein, slow release carbohydrates and vegetables, you won’t suffer from energy (and mood) swings, and your brain will be sharp and focused.

Exercise Gives You Energy

Sitting at a desk for hours at a time, reading course material, revising or writing papers can feel exhausting. Plan regular breaks in your study schedule so that you can get take some exercise and get your blood flowing faster. Your blood carries oxygen and glucose to your brain, and after a quick exercise session you’ll feel refreshed and alert, and ready to study your no GMAT MBA programs material.

One of the fastest whole-body workouts that you can do without needing to go outside or hit the gym, is a set of squats. Check out this guide from Nerd Fitness to learn more.

Yoga Flow

Another fantastic exercise that you can do quickly is a yoga flow sequence. The positions that you have to adopt in yoga work your muscles deeply and get your blood pumping. After your flow session, you’ll benefit from a very calm energy that will energize you in a way that caffeine can’t compete with. Try it and see!

Don’t Skimp on Sleep

When you’re tired, your brain simply doesn’t function as well as it does when you’re bright eyed after a good night’s sleep. Sleep researchers have discovered that once you’ve gone for sixteen hours without sleep, you’re as mentally impaired as someone who’s been drinking alcohol.

Instead of staying up late and trying to force your tired mind to absorb information, go to bed, get some sleep, then hit the books when you wake up.  

By taking better care of yourself while you study for your degree, you’ll give yourself the best chance of flourishing on your course instead of lagging behind and struggling. Plus you’ll have set up some great habits that will serve you well in your new career.

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I’ve accepted that I am where I am and that’s a good thing.  

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 I have found that when I appreciate everything I’m in a good space.  I need to be more mindful of my tolerance of others.

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I love my own space and my independence. Love my family, friends and  my pets.

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