Learn The Warning Signs of Addiction

Learn The Warning Signs of Addiction
Written by Christina Moore

The impact of drug dependence and abuse can affect nearly all of the organs in your body.

Warning Signs of Addictions and Issues Addiction Causes

A symptom can be described as something the patient describes when they sense it. A sign is something that other people notice. For example, a symptom might be something like sleepiness while a sign might be dilated pupils.

When people are addicted to a substance, like nicotine, alcohol, or drugs, they aren’t able to control how often or how much they use. They will continue to take it, even if it is causing them harm. Dependence on a substance can cause cravings for that substance that can be quite powerful.

The person who is addicted might want to quit the drug  but can find that doing so without help is quite difficult. That is why places like HARP treatment center exist. Symptoms and signs of drug addiction can vary depending on the person who is addicted, what they are addicted to, and the genetics as well as their personal circumstances.

Is it an Addiction?

Finding out if you have an addiction or not can be a difficult thing to do. As a people, we have been conditioned in such a way that we tend to see it as a weakness and as something that we choose as opposed to the disease that it is. This very conditioning causes people to fight the idea that they have lost control over the use of their preferred substance as opposed to reaching out for the help that they need. Let’s take a quick peek at some of the signs of addiction.

Signs of Substance Abuse

Although musicians aren’t the only ones to have issues with substance abuse, many of them do. So many, in fact, that www.Grammy.org has published a list of warning signs. They include but are not limited to things like:

  • Deterioration of appearance and or hygiene
  • Using alcohol and or drugs as a response to challenges, disappointments, and or pressure
  • An inability to have control over the amount that is used or taken
  • Mood swings that can include remorse, sadness, and or anger
  • Not being able to remember things that happened when they were using or drinking, blackouts
  • Passing out
  • Hiding their drug use and or drinking
  • Keeping track of how much they use
  • Driving while they are under the influence
  • An increased tolerance to alcohol and or drugs
  • Arrests that are associated with drug or alcohol abuse
  • Switching to different chemicals in an effort to control the use
  • A significant loss or gain in weight
  • Wondering if their life is worth living or depression
  • Having to have a bit in the mornings just to get started with the day

Because these signs and symptoms of addiction are talked about ad nauseum in a variety of articles all over the internet, let’s take a bit of time to talk about some of the issues that are caused by addictions.


Are you aware that more disabilities, illnesses, and deaths stem from the abuse of substances than from any other health condition that is preventable? As of this writing, one-quarter of the deaths that occur are linked to the use of illicit drugs. People living with a dependence on a substance have a higher risk of a multitude of bad outcomes that can include things like death, medical issues, risk of domestic violence, accidents, and unintentional injuries.

Health Issues

The impact of drug dependence and abuse can affect nearly all of the organs in your body. Using drugs can:

  • Make the immune system weaker and cause a susceptibility to infections.
  • Lead to cardiovascular issues that can range from an abnormal heart rate all the way up to heart attacks. Drugs that are injected can also lead to things like veins that collapse and even infections of the heart valves and blood vessels.
  • Lead to abdominal pain, nausea, and vomiting.
  • Cause your lover to need to work harder, and this can possibly lead to there being quite a bit of damage done to the liver and even to the liver failing.
  • Cause strokes, seizures, and brain damage that is widespread that can have an impact on every aspect of your daily life because of causing issues with decision making, attention, and memory. This includes permanent brain damage and sustained mental confusion.
  • Lead to substantial changes in the body, such as development of the breasts in men, increases in the temperature of your body, and fluctuations in your appetite, all of which can impact quite a few health conditions.

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