Best Gadgets Women Over 50 Will Love and Value

Best Gadgets Women Over 50 Will Love and Value
Written by Allison Wilkinson

Check out our four best gadgets to keep you fit, well rested and healthy.

The wearables market is projected to exceed $4 billion in 2017, reports Forbes. While much of this market is young adults and millennials, baby boomers are becoming a critical market for the best gadgets supporting health.

Here are four best gadgets  that are easy to use and designed with you in mind:

Best Gadget for Fitness and Safety

Styled to look like a wristwatch, the Lively Wearable was developed as a fitness tracker for seniors. It tracks your daily steps, offers daily mind challenges and even allows you to call for help in an emergency. The Lively Wearable monitors all of the health aspects you are concerned about without any unnecessary bells and whistles.


You don’t have to be too tech-savvy to make use of this senior fitness tracker. It syncs via Bluetooth and doesn’t require fancy charging cords. Instead it is powered by a CR2450 lithium coin battery, which lasts for about six months. If you’d rather not wear it on your wrist, the Lively Wearable can also be worn around your neck. When properly worn around your neck, it can notify 5Star Agents if a fall is detected.

Best Gadget for Sleep

While there are many practical gadgets on the market that monitor and evaluate your sleep habits, there are not many wearables available that help you improve your sleep quality. Enter Kokoon, a new device that uses cutting-edge technology to help you sleep better with noise cancellation, noise isolation and active white noise.

Do You Snore?

Perfect for those who have a spouse with a snoring problem or light sleepers who awake at every creak of the house, Kokoon is a pair of lightweight headphones designed to be comfortably worn all night.

Wake up refreshed at the ideal point in your sleep cycle. The headphones have built-in movement and EEG sensors that help decode your sleep patterns so you can be awoken at the perfect time to avoid any grogginess from mid-cycle waking.

Best Gadget for Meditation

Meditation can be as simple as closing your eyes and letting the stress of the day fade. However, for most of us, it’s not that easy. Muse, a “brain-sensing headband,” makes meditation simple. The band sends your brain signals with sounds, helping you focus on your practice. The device reads what you’re brain is doing and gives you feedback on what’s happening. It can help you track, improve and even increase your meditation practice over time.

Best Gadget for Blood Pressure

If you have high blood pressure or are concerned about developing high blood pressure, Heartvue by Omron is for you. This wireless blood pressure tracker is worn on the wrist and is one of the lightest and smallest blood pressure monitors on the market.

In addition to blood pressure monitoring, this wearable also tracks activity in real time, as well as sleep. It also features medication reminders for those who need a little extra help remembering to take their vitamins and prescriptions. Heartvue syncs with your smartphone for more in-depth analysis of your health statistics. So you can just as easily get a big picture view of your overall health, as you do of your latest real-time numbers.

Get Your Gadgets

With wearables becoming increasingly popular each year, it’s time to check out these four gadgets to keep you fit, well rested and healthy.

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As a new mom, it took a lot for me to accept that I cannot do it all. Between taking care of my son, focusing on my relationship with my husband, exercise, cooking, cleaning, work and social commitments, it is impossible to focus on all.

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My own resourcefulness and my family who are constantly inspiring me with new ways to use that trait.

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Becoming a mother. From the act of growing a tiny human to keeping myself as healthy as possible while doing it, and then having a serene and beautiful home birth, it was the most incredible experience and a real achievement in terms of personal growth as well. My next goal is more fitness focused; I want to run a marathon. I’ve completed a few half marathons before (and while pregnant), but I would like to get 26.2 miles under my belt.

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