Proper Materials for Kitchen Remodels With a Personal Touch

Proper Materials for Kitchen Remodels With a Personal Touch
Written by Christina Moore

The kitchen is the heart of the home where many family activities take place.

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A major remodel gives homeowners a way to reimagine their living arrangements so their house better meets the needs and style preferences of their family. In the kitchen, no choice is as important as the materials you select.

The kitchen is the heart of the home where many family activities take place. If you’ve ever hosted a house party, then you know people always end up congregating in the kitchen. Many remodelers put a lot of emphasis on layout and establishing a décor theme without fully contemplating how materials can affect the end result.

Proper Materials for Kitchen Remodels With a Personal Touch

Materials are going to have a direct impact on the look, feel and functionality of the kitchen. The materials that are used can also affect value and durability, which is why the selection process is so important. Whether you want to redecorate after a divorce or need to renovate a new home before you move in, here are some material considerations when you’re putting a personal touch on a kitchen.

Countertop Materials

One of the top features in a kitchen is the countertop. Not only does the kitchen countertop affect the décor, it’s also the workspace for chefs. Because of this, maintenance and durability are just as important as visual appeal.

Currently, granite is still one of the most popular countertop options. But before you start looking at the seemingly endless color selection, take time to consider granite countertops pros and cons. For starters, granite is known for having beautiful coloration, but some options are a little outlandish for most people’s long-term taste. It’s also important to select the actual slab that’s going to be used rather than a sample so you can make sure the design and color truly suits your aesthetics.

Other common countertop materials include vinyl, Corian, concrete, quartz and marble.

Cabinet Materials

Nothing is going to stand out more in the kitchen than the cabinets. Just a decade ago cabinet materials were largely limited to solid wood or manufactured wood products like particle board. Today, the selection is much more broad.

Like the countertops, cabinet materials are going to affect the aesthetics and functionality. Because cabinets get used on a daily basis, durability and construction has to be a top priority.

Adventurous homeowners that want to create wow-factor in the kitchen may gravitate toward newer cabinet materials. The options include glass, stainless steel, pressure treated laminate and Thermofoil. Even if you choose to stick with traditional wood cabinets there are plenty of different materials available. Some of the most widely used woods are oak, hard maple, pine, hickory, birch, ash and cherry.

There are lots of ways kitchen cabinets can be personalized depending on the material used. You can paint or stain them, add fascia, install molding around the top and/or install decorative hardware. Based on the materials you select, you can choose to go with pre-fabricated cabinets or have them custom-made.

Backsplash Materials

When it comes to the backsplash, the first choice is whether you’ll have one or not. Some homeowners prefer to leave the wall bare between the cabinets and countertops since it’s easier to maintain and there’s less expense. However, most new kitchens use the backsplash as an area to infuse high design.

It’s now very common to opt for glass tile backsplashes that add color and sparkle to the kitchen. Subway style tiles are also very popular and have a classic look that can stand the test of time. But some homeowners are choosing more unconventional materials like stainless steel for the backsplash.

Flooring Materials

The flooring is another material that makes a huge difference in the kitchen. Some people prefer to use the same flooring material throughout all of the communal living areas while others use something different in the kitchen. In addition to appearance, one of the most important considerations is how water resistant a flooring material is since there are a lot of spills in the kitchen.

A flooring material that’s being seen in more modern kitchens is cork. Homeowners like that it’s moisture resistant, provides acoustic insulation and is comfortable to stand on when you’re cooking a big meal. It’s also very aesthetically versatile. Cork flooring can be cut into sheets, tiles or planks and can be stained just about any color.

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