Home Decor: Ask The Carpet Girl

Home Decor: Ask The Carpet Girl
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Written by Dianne Grossman

The first way to define an open space is to surround yourself in colors you love.

Home Decor: Ask The Carpet Girl

Dear, Carpet Girl,

We have an open floor plan on our first floor; it was what we loved about the house when we originally bought our dream home. The first floor is the place we always hang out, but now that it’s time to redesign the rooms, I‘m having a hard time making one large space into two defined rooms.

The kitchen is tile and the family room has one step down to all carpet. I’d like to be up-to-date with the latest trends but still stay classic. Everyone tells us to put down all wood, but I think it’s too cold and formal. We have a tendency to buy things that are safe and neutral so how do we decide what’s best for our home today, thinking about future design styles? We want a real change and statement, so what are your top suggestions?

Dear Open Floor,

Let’s start with my favorite question, what’s your favorite color? Blue? Green? No one ever says brown or gray, yet, that is the color found in most homes. Neutrals come in many shades, for example a very faint blue can be a beautiful choice for the kitchen, and, just a shade deeper for the family room. The first way to define an open space is to surround yourself in colors you love.

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I like to think outside the “flooring box” instead of installing wall to wall wood in two rooms. Let’s think about installing wood planks on the wall in the family room; it’s a great way to bring in the wood, but puts a new spin on an accent wall. Using wall to wall carpet with a bold pattern and soft fiber makes a statement in the family room as a cozy place for everyone to enjoy. Now that you’ve chosen wall to wall carpet, this avoids an area rug investment later on.

Kitchen Floor Advice

My advice for the kitchen is to keep the tile floor and install a new floor right over it, if possible. I personally love the idea of a bamboo or cork floor. Many of today’s manufacturers offer this product in an easy click floor. This design will install over what you have, therefore lowering the investment and minimizing the time under construction.

The easy click design will definitely allow the kitchen to stand alone with a hot, new unique product available in many colors and styles. For another style option, cork is warmer under the feet and can be very forgiving in an active home. However, it’s always best to speak with a flooring specialist in your area to make sure that specific product works well in your local environment.

These three simple changes can make a big difference in the home; using paint and flooring to redesign and revive an open space to two spaces. One open floor is now two stylish, unique rooms.

Identity Magazine is all about guiding women to discover their powers of Self-Acceptance, Appreciation, and Personal Achievement. We ask that every contributor and expert answer  the Identity 5 questions in keeping with our theme. Their answers can be random and in the moment or they can be aligned with the current article they have written. In that way, and as a team, we hope to encourage and motivate each other, thus inspiring you to Get All A’s.

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 I’ve learned to appreciate 2 things…   1, I am an outspoken woman – with a good head on her shoulder.   Created from a life time of ups & downs, bad decisions and heart break.   I am an overcomer…     2) I have learned that because I am the items listed in above, I am not always everyone’s favorite,  

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I am proud of the company I’ve built.   Yes, I am proud of my children & family. That’s a given…   For me being faced with loosing the life I built before TCG, was a life I made because it was the life I believed others expected me to be…   A fancy home, fancy cars, kids in fancy camps… new clothes…The life I have today, is the TRUE life, and that makes me very proud–I finally took a hurt, from an outsider & overcame it.  

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I have a potty mouth,   I say exactly what is on my mind.   I like to call people “out” on things,   I am very critical.   This can often be an asset & hurt….   my every so KNOW IT ALL, ways has often alienated me from friendships.  

It often keeps  woman away, not ready to embrace or hear what they need to..   It has also gained me huge amounts of respect within the flooring industry, and industry owned by men.   When strangely enough their customer is female.     I am  the perfect voice – with an imperfect delivery system…     I am often alone…  

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I LOVE my LIFE,     I just  LOVE the life I am finally living.   I love hard, fight hard, sell hard, work hard, play hard.   I say EXACTY what is on my mind.   And I love it…   even when it leaves me alone…   I am finally in love with the life I’ve built.   I love that I finally figured out that what makes me happy is owning & building a business.     I love that I can grow as much or as little as I want,   I love  that I created a brand.   Not just a company – but a brand.   A brand that invites the female consumer in & gives her permission to buy fine flooring.    

I  LOVE that I have really created an example for how my 3 daughters can give themselves permission to live THEIR true life.   I love that my son, and only son can see his mother finally happy.   I love that at night when my husband  puts his head on  his pillow, and I am right next to him….   no matter where that pillow is…   its exactly where we BOTH want to be…        

I love that I am  FREE to live the life I was designed to live…   and its because I opened doors & created the life I wanted.   I want to share this with other women, so they too can live  up to their fullest potential.  

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Dianne Grossman

The Carpet Girl is making her mark in the flooring industry: with a smile across her face, a dynamic attitude and that ever-present, vibrant-colored bag on her shoulder. But don’t let the bubbly personality fool you: The Carpet Girl is very serious when it comes to taking the pressure and uncertainty out of selecting and purchasing flooring.

The Carpet Girl founder Dianne Grossman understood the stress and anxiety of walking TCG Showroom2into a big box store and being confronted with so many options. Where price placards advertise cost-per-piece and not product quality.

TCG is the realization of Grossman’s vision to create a place where every-day consumers could come to purchase high-quality flooring. Where trusted, guiding hands will help them choose the premium products that fit their lifestyle at prices that fit their budget. The Carpet Girl’s inspired, one-on-one flooring service model even allows customers to choose a convenient time and place to meet to discuss their flooring needs.

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