Simple Water Hacks to Increase Your Focus and Productivity

I hear often that many of us women out there still don’t like to drink water, or have trouble getting their water intake to stay hydrated each day.

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Yes, I know, it’s easier to drink more water in the summer time because it’s hot, and it’s so delicious and refreshing to drink water. However, I do know, and I hear often that many of us women out there still don’t like to drink water, or have trouble getting their water intake to stay hydrated each day.

The Importance of Water

Now, it is so important to be hydrated every day because hydration, being hydrated, keeps our mental stability level, keeps our mood swings level, keeps our energy levels level. Right? When we’re dehydrated, our ability to focus, to be more productive, to achieve, and to perform at our peak is limited. Right?

So, being–staying hydrated, keeping your body fueled with water, is very, very important on so many levels.

We don’t normally think about all of elements that drinking water can affect and being hydrated can affect. I mean, think about it. And I know that when we have conversations, the first thing isn’t about, “Oh, well, I’m moody,” or, um, “I’m not as productive,” or, “I’m not as focused.” But if you are dehydrated, pay attention—it impacts all of these areas.

If you are working nine to five, you’re going to be tired, you’re going to drag, and during your day, you’re going to hit highs and lows.


When you’re outside you get the heat, so, when we stay hydrated, we’re maintaining our levels as best as we can. And we’re going to get ultimate results at whatever it is that we want those results in. Work, being a mother, being a wife, fitness, sports, whatever that might be. Running your own business, right?

We want to perform at our peak as much as we can. At least 80% of the time, so, stay hydrated!

So, here are a few summer hacks in getting in your water intake.

Now, for somebody who … I don’t, I don’t like drinking ice cold water in the winter. It’s like room temperature. I always needed these hacks because I need to drink a lot of water. So, here are a few …

Here’s one tip. Chug it.

Okay? So, when I wake up in the morning, I chug a glass of water. After breakfast, I chug a glass of water. After lunch, I chug a glass of water. After dinner, I chug a glass of water. Right before bed, I chug a glass of water.

Right? There’s five glasses of water, boom, bam, intake.

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You could do it before and after your meals. Heres the benefit of chugging a glass of water before you eat. You get full, right? So, you can chug a glass of water before breakfast, before lunch, and before dinner. Right there, you’ve got, you’ve got 5-six glasses of water. So, chug it. I, I, I chug it. I make a game.

The next thing is, every time you take a sip of water, count to 10. So, every time you take a sip of water, hold it for 10 to 20 counts.

That way, you know that you’re taking a good gulp, a good intake of liquid, instead of just a quick sip here and there.

I also drink warm water with lemon and honey. It’s very good for you on many levels. Honey is raw and organic—great for your complexion.

It’s a good natural sugar. Lemon is good for your skin, as well. And warm lemon helps with your digestive system.

So, you can always have a warm cup of water, no tea bag, just with a little scoop of fresh honey and lemon, and there’s your water intake. Right?

The next thing I love, and I should have an example for you, but this is a quick little video. A gallon of water.

I saw somebody do this. A gallon of water and write positive affirmations in increments on the gallon itself. And, you know, as you’re drinking it, reach to each positive affirmation for a fun thing to do.

Make the gallon of water, um, engaging and entertaining for yourself. And then you carry around your gallon of water and drink one a day. Right? Maybe it’s a gallon of water, that every mark you have like, um, you know, text somebody hello and see how their day is doing.

Then you get to the next tab on the, on the gallon of water and it’s do 10 jumping jacks. And then you get to the next one and it says, um, find a positive quote to read.

I don’t … You could be so creative with this stuff. Um, but, getting our water intake is important. So, I challenge you, these little summer hacks. Three summer hacks, I challenge you for the rest of the summer to get that water intake. Right? Peak at your … Perform at your peak.

Perform at your best. So, chug your water before and after your meals. Chug a glass, right, throughout the day. You’re gonna get six glasses right off the bat. Right? Drink warm tea with some honey and some lemon.

That gets your water intake. Or, get a gallon and have fun. Mark up that gallon with some fun actions, engaging activities for every time you get to a new mark within that gallon. Right? That is your goal. Those are some simple, fun, easy little water hacks for you.

Drink your water, stay hydrated, stay focused, perform at your peak. Right? Feel energized throughout the day. That’s it, my friends. Thanks for joining. Thanks for visiting and I hope to see you soon.

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