The Car Maintenance Checklist Every Woman Should Have

The Car Maintenance Checklist Every Woman Should Have
Written by Lauren Topor

You can never prepared enough. Keep reading and grab ahold of this car maintenance checklist.

You don’t have to be a mechanic to know your way around a sedan or SUV. In fact, thanks to technology and the way cars are manufactured today, conducting routine vehicle maintenance is easier than ever before – and the practice may allow you to occasionally (or altogether) forego driving to your local repair shop. Ready to take greater control of your ride? Here are a few things you can do from home to keep your sedan or SUV running like new.

The Car Maintenance Checklist

Replace Your Windshield Wipers

Our windshield wipers come in handy during a storm, but they can certainly wear out over time. When was the last you replaced your set? If your answer is “never,” then it’s high time to swap them out. Experts say windshield wipers should be replaced roughly every six to 12 months. Of course, you’ll know when it’s time to spring for a new set, especially when your current wipers leave behind streaks, make a squeaky noise and/or skip across your windshield without doing their job.

But don’t wait too long and be forced to take cover during a torrential downpour. Windshield wipers are affordable and one of the easiest things to replace on your sedan or SUV. When it’s time to replace your pair, you may want to first consult your vehicle owner’s manual. Here you’ll find the appropriate wipers your vehicle requires, as all sedans and SUVs have different specifications. Some models even call for two different-sized wiper blades.

Swap Your Cabin Air Filter

Like swapping out your old windshield wipers, replacing your cabin air filter is one of the easiest things you can do. Routinely changing the filter will keep your car comfortable, as it cleans the air that filters through your vents, catching pollen, dust and a whole host of other airborne debris. Not sure when it may be time to replace it? Reduced airflow and persistent bad odors are two tell-tale signs that your cabin air filter needs to be swapped out for a new one. If you need more incentive, experts suggest replacing your car’s air filter every 12,000 to 15,000 miles.

Look for Signs of Tire Wear

Your tires transport you from location to location, so taking care of them is obviously essential. In fact, it’s key to make sure your tires wear evenly and are balanced, as these two factors help ensure your vehicle runs smoothly. Furthermore, you can keep your tires in tip-top shape by inspecting them regularly, while also making sure to:

  • Remove gravel and debris stuck in the treads
  • Check each tire’s air pressure
  • Keep track of each tire’s mileage

It’s no secret your tires will eventually need to be replaced. Despite the hefty expense, experts say it’s best to replace all four tires at once, as this will allow each tire to have equal wear and balance. When selecting tires at a mechanic shop or through an online retailer like, make sure to look for and purchase a brand-name option.

And remember – cheaper doesn’t mean better. While they may cost a bit more, expensive, brand-name tires are often better manufactured and have a longer lifespan than their bargain counterparts.

Check Your Battery

Today’s car batteries have a long shelf life and often don’t require much in the way of maintenance. But just because they don’t need a ton of routine maintenance doesn’t mean they should be ignored altogether. You’ll want to keep your battery running efficiently by regularly checking it for mineral buildup and leaks.

If you spot a leak or buildup, you can easily clean it with a battery-cleaning brush, which will cost you only a few bucks at any auto parts retailer. Likewise, if you’re on the road a lot, you may want to consider picking up a jump starter or battery tester to keep stored in your trunk, just in case you need one of them in a pinch.

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