Wearable Devices: The Wave of the Future for Ecommerce?

Wearable Devices: The Wave of the Future for Ecommerce?
Written by Wendy Dessler

It’s looking increasingly like wearable devices will be the wave of the future for ecommerce.

Ecommerce is on the rise and mobile devices are claiming an ever-growing chunk of those transactions. While approximately one-fifth of U.S. ecommerce sales happen on a mobile device at present, that figure is expected to jump to 27 percent by the end of 2018.  

Future-Focused Entrepreneurs

But future-focused entrepreneurs need to look out for more than just the rise in prevalence of smartphones and tablets; they need to consider how wearable devices may be the wave of the future for ecommerce.

Wearable Technology

Wearable technology comes in many forms, from hands-free headsets to smart watches, web glasses and more. The thing all of these accessories have in common is their ability to access the Internet.

Sure, it sounds futuristic now. But according to one analysis from Ovum, our very idea of a “linear shopping journey” will continue to disintegrate over time, thanks in part to “the proliferation of wearable devices and technology” (and other Internet of Things-enabled machines).

The same report says wearable devices–of which there could be as many as 650 million by 2020–will contribute to a seamless shopping experience going well beyond our current ideas of mobile-commerce.

In essence, wearable devices contribute to a brand’s grasp on contextual commerce, or the act of selling consumers products based upon their past preferences, current location and other factors. The immediacy of wearable devices will give marketers a wealth of information about shoppers so they can offer more timely advertisements, promotions and messages.

In the past, brands had to wait for a customer to search “clothing store near me” on their cell phone browser to trigger location-based advertisements, but soon they will be able to “ping” those wearing web-enabled technology within a certain radius of their business based upon the products/services in which they’ve shown an interest before.

While widespread implementation of wearable technology is still a few years away, it pays to start envisioning the future now. For example, the best website builder for ecommerce is already mobile friendly.

It’s easy to see how the jump from mobile to wearable technology will happen, so building a mobile-friendly website is the smartest choice at this point in time. Sites like Shopify use special mobile themes to ensure nothing gets lost in translation.

Many people thought the shift from brick-and-mortar retail of years past to the increasingly popular ecommerce model of today would signal the end for malls and physical stores. It’s true many have gone vacant, but this spatial flexibility has actually given rise to the phenomenon known as omni-channel retail.

Instead of a shopping journey starting and ending in a physical store or starting and ending on a website, it turns out these two outlets can create a great synergy for brands. For example, customers can order online and pick up in-store, or browse a physical store and order just what they like for delivery to their doorstep.

Wearable technologies will feed into an even more advanced version of an omni-channel sales strategy.

As DMN reports, the Chief Digital Officer of Epsilon believes wearables will boost continuous engagement between brands and customers: “Wearables essentially become another component of an omni-channel strategy, which either leverages the data created by the device, or uses the device as a connection point to deliver a contextual message.”

It’s looking increasingly like wearable devices will be the wave of the future for ecommerce. To surf it, focus your efforts on building a mobile-friendly website now so you’ll be ready when the day comes to engage in targeted marketing via wearable technology.

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