5 Options For Keeping Your Backyard Feeling Toasty Year Round

5 Options For Keeping Your Backyard Feeling Toasty Year Round
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Written by Laura Costello

Having a warm and cozy backyard is essential for entertaining.

Warmth Wisdom – 5 Options For Keeping Your Backyard Feeling Toasty Year Round

A backyard can be the best place to spend time throughout the year, but in winter the cold can be a persuasive force in the argument of whether or not to stay inside.

Throughout the year, cold snaps will almost always play an active part in reducing the time you spend in your yard, but you can circumvent this unfortunate temperature trap by investing in some outdoor heating for your lavish yard.

An outdoor heating system can make your outside areas more hospitable all year round, and keep you cosy in the clutches of a cold snap. We’ve put together a list of some of the ways you can keep your yard toasty year round, in order to help you get the most out of your yard.

Fire Pits

The most primal and longest-standing method of heating, fire, is still very much an option in this modern day and age. With a recent resurgence in the popularity of fire pits, you’ll find that there’s no shortage of options for size, shape, and placement in your yard.

A fire pit is dug into the ground in your backyard, and allows you to have fires of quite a large size without risking setting fire to any parts of your house.

Outdoor Heaters

Potentially the most popular, and certainly one of the cheapest methods of heating your outdoor area, heaters are a great option for keeping your yard cosy. An outdoor heater will usually run on gas and use a flame to produce heat, but aside from this one feature the effectiveness and usability of different kinds will vary wildly from person to person.

They usually stand upright at around 6.5ft tall, and heat large areas in their immediate vicinity, so you may need more than one to completely warm your favourite spot.


Decking might seem like a strange option for a yard-heating scheme, but it’s more applicable than you may realise. Decking raises you off the ground, getting you away from the cold grass and dirt below, while simultaneously creating a space in which air can heat up and remain, in a similar fashion to insulation.

A tightly-finished deck with few gaps in the wood panels can even have heating slabs installed beneath the wood, to provide warmth to your feet as you walk along the deck. This stylish option has a major drawback, however, and that lies in the cost associated – building a deck is usually quite expensive.

Heated Seats

It’s a novel idea, but heated seats are no longer just an optional extra in modern vehicles.

In the cold winter months, what sounds nicer than sitting outside on a crisp night with a hot drink in an externally heated seat? All you need to have this become your winter reality is the power plug available for each seat, and you’re on your way to a cozy winter wonderland.

Hidden Blankets

Finally, the most commonly found solution on this list.

Hiding blankets around your outdoor area is a great idea, as it frees up space in your indoor linen closets and gives you something to warm up with in the chillier months. Make sure you select a waterproof, airtight container to house your outdoor blankets in, because the weather can ruin your plans for a clean, mould-free blanket over the course of a wet, windy winter.

Plus, creepy crawlies would like nothing more than to vacation in the comfiest blanket nest around.

With these suggestions, you are one step closer to spending more time outdoors, and less time counting the months till the end of winter. Don’t wait any longer, get out there and get yourself a warm backyard!

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