How to Raise Your Rental Rates

How to Raise Your Rental Rates
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Written by Eliza Picot

You do not want to spring a huge rent increase on tenants who have been loyal to you for many years.

How to Raise Your Rental Rates

Raising your rental rates as a landlord can be the trickiest part about this gig. The last thing you want to do is lose good tenants with budget constraints after thoroughly vetting them. At the same time, inflation is real and there’s no point in being a landlord if you’re not going to benefit financially.

The key is striking a balance and approaching the process with open communication. Need some advice? Read on for guidance on how to raise your rental rates without losing quality tenants.

Keep the Price Hikes Consistent

You do not want to spring a huge rent increase on tenants who have been loyal to you for many years. Make it so that it is expected from the start with smaller, gradual increases and then it’s easier for them to accept and manage. As this article notes, “A good rule of thumb is to raise the rent about 3-5 percent a year.”

Another suggestion they make, however, is to reward excellent tenants with deals like waiving the rent increase in exchange for signing for another year or two. When one considers how high maintenance the screening process is, this is often worth it. Plus, you can always raise the rent when these tenants ultimately move out.  

Give Plenty of Notice

As we mentioned, “springing” anything on renters is never a good idea. If you give them notice–such as 60 days in advance–this is appreciated on their end and also lets them show their hand, so to speak. It will be a good way to judge if they are going to stay or go. Keep the letter professional but feel free to give an explanation as to why you need to do this.

It’s not necessary but if you have a rapport with them, they’ll appreciate this. Of course, buttering them up with compliments couldn’t hurt either! If you’ve already gone the extra mile by being responsive with issues, maintaining the property, and special touches like birthday cards or holiday gifts, the rent increase is more likely to be well received.

Even if you have a rather informal relationship with your tenants, you must put this notice in writing–no texts, voicemails, emails, or phone calls or you could find yourself in a legal bind. Check out this article if you’d like a sample of what this letter should look like.

Do Your Due Diligence on Rates

Hopefully you spent a lot of time researching rental market rates and asking other people in the business to appropriately price your rental property from the start. There’s nothing worse than losing good tenants because they think they’re being ripped off, but you also don’t want to lose money because you didn’t charge enough.

And just as with finding this balance from the start, you need to make sure you look thoroughly into if, when, and how much a rent increase should be. Research online, ask experts in the field, and consider even doing an analysis/report. You’ll feel much more justified when you have the numbers to back the increase up.

Know the Laws

The extensive amount and high level of detail that goes into real estate laws is probably the hardest part about getting into this field. There’s no way around the fact that the law tends to favor renters. If you do not follow the letter of the law when doing things like rate increases, evictions, etc., you could find yourself losing tens of thousands of dollars in court.

If the property is rent-controlled, there are very specific rules as to how much a rent increase can be and often you can do it.

And remember that these types of laws vary from state to state, so either hire a lawyer or get extremely familiar with your state’s laws–ideally, you should probably do both. When it comes to screening processes, be sure that your services are FCRA-compliant.

Tenant screening services from SmartMove provide the level of detail you need to make an informed decision about your new tenant–while following FCRA regulations. Get peace of mind while running background checks and find a person you can trust to take care of your property.  

Landlords often get a bad rap for being money-hungry, uncaring individuals. The truth is, the renter/landlord relationship can be a fantastic one as long as there is mutual respect. Once you have this foundation, a well-planned rent increase should be no problem at all.

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