Starlit Shindig – 5 Tips for Hosting a Perfect Outdoor Party

Starlit Shindig – 5 Tips for Hosting a Perfect Outdoor Party
Written by Noelle Kelly

It’s never to early for summer party planning. So, when it’s time to dust off your garden furniture and get the mower out of the shed…whether you like your soirees small and intimate or loud and raucous, if you’ve got a spacious yard, it’s perfect for parties.

You might need to give it a little makeover first. Even the toughest gardens take a battering during the winter. The grass thins, the ground hardens, and the plants go into hiding. If your furniture has been in storage, it may need a clean. Wooden decks might need resealing, and it’s a good idea to check the condition of outdoor lights.  

It’s basically a spring clean, just in time for the first guests of summer. Keep reading for more tips on throwing an incredible garden party in 2018.

Invest in Outdoor Heating

If you want to get the most out of your yard, invest in robust outdoor heating. Patio systems and gas heaters are very affordable these days. Plus, they can be used all year round, so you’re essentially extending the value of the space.

With a gas heater, you can keep entertaining late into the night whether it’s the height of summer or the countdown to autumn. Many outdoor heating systems are designed to be super-efficient. They’re economical with power and cost less to run than you might think.

Light Up Your World

If you’ve got warmth, you’ve got to have light. These are the two components needed for a party that goes as long as the guests do. Not only does outdoor lighting keep entertaining spaces comfortable and safe, but it also creates an irresistible atmosphere.

Whether you opt for fairy lights and frivolity or dramatic post and spot fixtures, it’s a great way to introduce ambience. If you want to create the illusion of space, place blueish bulbs at the bottom of the yard. Or, for a striking effect, use spotlights to illuminate your favourite feature.

Get Creative with Table Toppers

One of the easiest ways to personalise an outdoor party is to make custom table toppers. This is really popular at weddings, as you can make a quirky centrepiece from almost anything. For instance, jam jars are a common choice. Fill them with flowers, candles, or sweet treats.

It’s all about giving your event that special, homemade touch. Why not get the kids involved and knock up some retro style bunting? Or, cut out some paper chains and hang them from the tree branches. Little details like this don’t cost much, but they add to the mood of the party.

Make the Garden Comfortable

Finally, don’t expect your guests to put up with uncomfortable seating. If the garden furniture has seen better days, but you’re not ready to replace it, add soft throws and cushions. Plastic chairs are a great way to save money, but they need soft backs and seats.

Wicker can be a bit more forgiving, but it tends to look shabby if not stored correctly over winter. You can patch up holes pretty easily though. You just need wire cutters and a pair of needle nose pliers. Repair the damaged patch. Then, stain and seal the chair for maximum durability.

Set Up a Grilling Station

Where there’s good company, good food is unusually not far behind. It’s certainly a big part of Aussie celebrations, so make sure your barbeque is cleaned off and ready for the summer. One clever idea is to pick up a tea trolley or table on wheels to use as a grilling station.    

That way, you’re not constantly dashing inside for cutlery, cooking tools, or condiments. You can keep it all outside, next to the grill, in a tidy fashion. The last thing you want when cooking a steak is to be scrabbling around for utensils. Make the cooking and serving as easy as possible.

Why Heat and Hunger Are the Name of the Game

As long as you keep your guests well fed, watered, and toasty warm, you’re guaranteed to have a great party. Make sure there’s plenty of music, lots of lighting so people can tread carefully after dark, and have throws and blankets on standby for the later hours.

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