Useful Gifts for Students Seeking a Job

Written by Emma Miller

Someone who is unemployed and focused on job search won’t be in a situation to stretch out their budget and afford these things, so a gift like this would definitely come in handy.

Venturing into the corporate world fresh out of college can be overwhelming. Most students have spent their time at college focusing on what courses and majors to take, not on which career path to pursue. Figuring this out and looking for a job at the same time can be very intimidating and confusing.

It might also last for a while so it can certainly take its toll on the person. It can affect their confidence in their own abilities, their optimism and outlook for their own future. Close friends and family members can really step in here. They are the ones witnessing the hardships and by offering a little help in the process, they can do a lot for their loved one seeking a job.

Useful Gifts for Students Seeking a Job

Resume guidance

One of the first steps towards a successful job search is having a well-written resume. However, this is not as easy as it might seem. Most job seekers have many doubts and insecurities regarding its structure, form and length. Therefore, it’s not unusual to see many beginners’ mistakes in crucial places.

One thing they would benefit from is having a professional who can guide and advise them on this matter, answer all the questions and polish up the resume so that it satisfies the highest standards. Professional resume writers are well trained and familiar with the correct style, register, vocabulary and grammar, so their help is more than welcome.

Interview wardrobe and extras

In reality, the best and most qualified candidate is not always the one who lands the job. There are many factors and details that influence our judgement and form our first impressions. This process takes only 10 seconds, which is far from enough to really see the person’s best qualities.

However, there’s something we can do to try and make an impact in those 10 seconds and that is the wardrobe choice. The appearance is usually the first thing people notice.

Therefore, the choice of interview wardrobe truly matters. Job-seeking students will need some guidance and advice on how to upgrade their look, so as a friend or family member, you can do a lot by helping financially or by purchasing a gift certificate to a department store.

In addition to the right choice of interview wardrobe, there are little things that also count and can have an impact on the interview’s outcome. For example, a new, business briefcase, a leather portfolio or personalised business cards; all of these things can add to the general impression of the candidate.

Someone who is unemployed and focused on job search won’t be in a situation to stretch out their budget and afford these things, so a gift like this would definitely come in handy.

Career coaching

Another great way to help a friend in job hunting is hiring a career coach. These professionals can help in so many ways as they are well acquainted with conditions and requirements that employers usually have. They can offer help in choosing a career path, preparing for the interview, motivating, supporting, and boosting confidence.

There are many good coaches online and it’s just the matter of finding a reputable one who would best fit the needs of your job-seeking friend.

Gift cards

Even the most optimistic and enthusiastic people can break down under the pressure of a long and stressful job-searching process. What can be very useful and practical is taking a break — sitting down in a café for a cup of coffee and a chat with a friend, especially if it has already been paid for.

The best thing about  a universal gift card is that it  comes in many different forms and may just be the thing that will push and inspire job seekers to keep going.

Fun and games

Regardless of how tough, persistent and strong-willed your friend is, looking for a job can wear down anyone, and there’s a limit to how much a person can endure. Taking care of oneself is a number one priority, but what shouldn’t be forgotten is that everything’s easier when you’re having fun.

There are lots of creative and fun ways to help here: a basket with chocolates and sweets or bath oils, salts and candles, a gym pass, a membership card to a Zumba class or yoga, movie or theatre tickets, etc.; this is something that can help worn out friends change the scenery, expand their interests and focus on something else, not just on the hardships of finding a job.

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