How Furthering Your Education Can Get You Inspired

How Furthering Your Education Can Inspire You at Work
Written by Cher Zavala

As a graduate student, you’ll go further. In a master’s or doctorate program, you’ll begin to contribute to the knowledge in your field.

Staying inspired at work is no small task, especially as the years drag on. It can be hard to be exhilarated by your work when the demands of daily life have you feeling stressed out and exhausted; it doesn’t help that your boss and coworkers might not be as excited by your ideas as your professors and classmates were in school.

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In fact, if you’re finding yourself chronically uninspired at work, going back to school for an advanced degree might be the answer. Why? A return to higher education can expose you to experts and knowledge that will help you think differently about your career.

It’ll give you a concrete goal to work toward, with regular milestones in the form of assignments, exams, and grades. It can present you with many networking opportunities, and the chance to bounce your ideas off of supportive colleagues and mentors who can help you develop them.

Most of all, a return to school can help you fight off the boredom that may be enveloping your career, by giving you the chance to learn something new.

Expand Your Horizons

As an undergraduate, you had the chance to study your field and familiarize yourself with its current body of knowledge. But as a graduate student, you’ll go further. In a master’s or doctorate program, you’ll begin to contribute to the knowledge in your field.

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Graduate studies offer you the chance to forge personal relationships with experts in your field, that is to say, your professors. You’ll be exposed to ideas and knowledge you never even knew existed, and this exposure is almost guaranteed to get you thinking about your job, and your career path, differently.

Give Yourself a Goal

One of the most important things you can do to re-spark lost feelings of inspiration is to take action. Stop coasting along in your job, hoping that someday inspiration will find you on its own. You have to find it, and in order to do that, you have to get to work.

Of course, this prospect can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to start or what goal to set. Going back to school can give you that concrete goal by allowing you to work toward a post-graduate degree — a credential that will open doors for the rest of your life.

Plus, enrolling in a graduate program — whether it’s an MSN, an MFA, a GMAT waiver MBA, or a JSD — will set you on a path with regular milestones. One of the most demoralizing, and disorienting, things about post-college life, especially for new graduates, is the absence of familiar milestones that show regular progress, in the form of assignments, exams, and end-of-semester grade reports.

You’ll be happy to celebrate these small victories, and you should carry this lesson forward throughout the rest of your life: Celebrating the little things helps you stay motivated to keep working toward the larger goal.

Grow Your Network

Everyone needs a professional network. Networking is an important way to find new professional opportunities, but it’s so much more than that. Going back to school can help you instantly bond with colleagues and mentors who will be excited about your ideas, and ready to help you improve them.

As you leave school and move on to the next opportunity, nurture that network. Their enthusiasm for your work and ideas can help you stay excited for your own career path, wherever it may take you. A supportive circle of friends, colleagues, and mentors can help you maintain your belief in the worth of your ideas and your achievements.

Banish Boredom

Nothing will kill your inspiration faster than allowing boredom to take root in your life. Fortunately, the easiest way to prevent — or treat — boredom is to learn something new.

Graduate school offers ample opportunities to learn new things — and not just on the academic front. You’ll learn from your professors’ professional experience, and from getting know your classmates, who may come from extremely diverse backgrounds.

In addition to polishing and expanding your professional skills, going back to school could also offer opportunities to join new clubs and have new experiences, such as working in a graduate assistantship.  And with MCAT online prep courses, you won’t have any trouble getting into medical school!

Have you been feeling uninspired at work lately? Are you wondering if this is just how professional life is? Well, it doesn’t have to be! Going back to school can help you reignite your spark of inspiration, so that going to work every day is exciting once again.

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