The Ultimate Packing List for Your Upcoming Ski Trip

The Ultimate Packing List for Your Upcoming Ski Trip
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Written by Eliza Picot

Going on a ski trip?

It’s that time of year when you can let your inner snow bunny shine. Did you plan an epic weekend on the slopes but don’t know what exactly to bring? Start the fire, grab some cocoa and read up. We’ve compiled the ultimate packing list to ensure you have the essentials to go from the black diamonds to bars.

A Good Snow Jacket

Now, let’s start with the basics. A good snow jacket is essential to keep you warm and stylish. With lots of expensive options out there, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Always look for snow jackets that are both waterproof and warm. If you’re a little more hardcore, keep an eye out for vents; those mesh-filled openings can be a life saver when working up a sweat on the slopes!

Pants (or something like it)

If you want to bring a little extra retro fun to the ski runs, check out an all-in-one women’s ski suit. Tipsy Elves offers up great options with colors and patterns inspired by the golden age of ski fashion — the 80s! But they’re not just all about style; an all-in-one ski suit means you avoid the whole snow-down-your pants situation. You’ll thank me later, trust me.

Hand Warmers

Even with the warmest gloves, your fingers can feel frigid. Many mountains sell hand warmers on the slopes, but to avoid paying the ridiculous resort prices, try ordering some online beforehand. These handy little packets heat up when activated (or cracked like an emergency ice pack) and generate some serious warmth. If your toes want to be toasty too, you can stock up on feet warmers that slide right into your ski or snowboard boot.

A Good Beanie

Top it off with a stylish beanie to wear on and off the slopes. If you’re feeling pressed for packing space, look for one that matches both your ski and après-ski outfits. Though thick ones with pom poms on top are cute, they’re a little hard to fit under a helmet (safety first!). Thin, simple beanies work well under helmets, plus they look cute if you want to hit up the bars after.

Uggs or Slippers

Even the best boots can beat up your feet a little. Be sure to bring a pair of extra comfy shoes like Uggs or slippers for after your day on the slopes. Nothing beats the feeling of peeling off your boots and slipping into the soft, plush comfort of your favorite slippers. Bonus points for remembering fuzzy socks to go with them!

Thick Socks or Thin Socks

Ah, the great sock debate. When it comes to ski and snowboard socks, figure out what helps keep the heat in your feet. Depending on the size and style of your boots, different kinds of socks could work best for you. Some opt for the thick warmth of wool socks, but if you find them a little itchy, try switching things up. Others prefer thin socks on the slopes; it helps keep the circulation going to ensure your toes stay toasty.


Ditch the itchy, wool long johns for something a little more functional and fuzzy. Grab your coziest pair of leggings to wear under your ski pants and pair it with a sweater back at the cabin. They’re the perfect combination of cute, functional, and comfortable.


Ladies and gentlemen, turtlenecks are back! (Not that they ever went out of style slope side.) Pack up your favorite face-hugging shirt for you to rock on and off the mountain. Not only will it help keep your neck nice it warm, but you can pair your turtleneck with a sleek leather jacket for an outfit worthy of the fanciest places in the village.

Some Themed Ski Wear

You can inject a bit of your personality into your ski wear, whether you’re hitting the slopes during the dead of winter or getting in your last run in March. Tipsy Elves offers a variety of themed skiwear that’ll definitely draw the eye while you’re shredding. From brightly colored ski suits that boast America’s red, white, and blue hues, to holiday themed options like St. Patrick’s Day clothing, this is your one-stop-shop for one-of-a-kind ski apparel.

In addition to these essentials, load up on sweaters for layering, gloves and (most importantly!) snacks, and you’re ready to hit the lifts. So bookmark that snow report at your favorite resort; you’re prepared for even the most impromptu mountain getaway. Now, you just have to get your ski legs back…

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