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What Does Your Smile Say?

What Does Your Smile Say?
Susan Vernicek
Written by Susan Vernicek

Are you smiling now?

CHEEESSSEEE!   How often do you smile?

What Does Your Smile Say?

Today, let’s take time for a self “smile” check…😏

What position is you “smile/mouth”?

😑– Blah
😁– Happy
🙁– Frowning
(or like me with Bells  😏, jk)

Self-check your attitude because a smile and YES, YOUR smile is contagious!!!

Even when you’re on the phone, your smile will vibrate through.

If you’re frowning, practice switching gears with no excuse and smile.

Every time you catch yourself, switch gears. Ya a practice, a habit that we don’t pay attention to.

Smile at a stranger
Smile when you checkout at a store

Shift the energy within and it will impact those around you.

Please, trust me and practice.

You deserve to smile!

About the author

Susan Vernicek

Susan Vernicek

Facts about Susan Vernicek:
She's happily married and a mother of 5-year-old twins.

She's tried almost every fad diet back in her quick-fix days, admits at age 38, it’s a struggle to work hard on overall balance and is focused on not giving in to the unhealthy fads we see daily.

She’s all-natural with naturally blonde hair, uneven breasts, a bigger nose, and full of curves that she learns to appreciate more and more each day.

She had a career where part of her job was staring at herself 40 hours a week manipulating her very own face as well as others.

She’s the youngest of 7, ranging from 38-60+, an Aunt, Great Aunt, and even younger than some of her nieces and nephews!

She’s traveled and seen over 8 countries and spent a summer in London finding her passion and embracing life.

She created CJS Identity Properties. AKA IdentityMagazine.net, having no business background and at the age of 25.

She's a certified holistic life, mindset, nutrition, and fitness Coach.

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