How To Spice Up A Kitchen That Has Lost Its Flavor

How To Spice Up A Kitchen That Has Lost Its Flavor
Written by Noelle Kelly

Small changes to the design of your kitchen can have a huge functional and aesthetic impact which drives greater creativity and inspiration.

The kitchen is one of the most important parts of a home. It’s often the centre of activity and social interaction. It’s also a place where inspiration and creativity are necessary, and not always on hand.

If your kitchen is in dire need of an upgrade, or has otherwise lost its flavor, the following paragraphs can help you in taking the first steps towards a more inspiring, creation-friendly kitchen and culinary space.

How To Spice Up A Kitchen That Has Lost Its Flavor

A Different Point Of View

One of the difficulties encountered in kitchen redesign is in deciding on a style which will be harmonious with the rest of a house, while also being practical and budget friendly.

Sometimes, the most useful thing you can do is seek out the advice of an expert. A new point of view, with a focused and achievable end-goal in mind is just what your kitchen needs when you’re trying to design your way out of a rut.

Working with your budget and any niche specifications, an expert can bring your dreams to life while providing the peace of mind that comes with hiring a professional in a specialised trade. To find a professional in your area, start with a specified search such as ‘kitchen renovations in Melbourne’ and view their past work and testimonials.

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Wired To Inspire

The new array of kitchen technology is not only useful (and convenient) it’s also stylish and adds an air of high-tech flair to your space. Devices such as coffee machines, blenders and even toasters are now more streamlined and can be coordinated in a way which brings together the look of your kitchen.

For maximum benefit, choose kitchen technology which enhances the experience of cooking or consuming – there’s no use in owning a bread maker or a rice cooker if you eat neither bread nor rice. Choose technology which will make your preparation habits easier and you’ll begin to find you enjoy the experience of cooking and being in the kitchen more.

Energy efficient technology will also reduce your energy spending for years to come.

Open Sesame

For a convenient and practical kitchen design update, choose storage solutions which display your ingredients, tableware, and cookware. By doing so, you can encourage the more frequent use of your good quality wares, while also having the option to frequently rotate any items to change the overall appeal or theme of your kitchen.

By choosing an open storage style, you’re also helping to ensure that the quality of your ingredients and their presentation remains high. There’s not much that’s more embarrassing than a visitor or guest opening a cupboard only to find it filled with poor-quality or low nutritional value products.

Open style storage creates the ongoing incentive to make better purchases, while also providing you with the opportunity to seek out practical and aesthetically pleasing product storage solutions (such as labelled canisters, colour-coded jars and bottles).

Open storage can also help to develop more hygienic cleaning and storage practices – pests and spills are more easily identified and are easier to clean.

Green & Mean

Another excellent (and budget friendly) way to add color and (literal) spice into your kitchen is through the provision of plants or the fostering of a kitchen garden.

Herbs are easy to grow and can be an ideal entry into growing edible plants from the comfort of your kitchen. They’re also easy to maintain and don’t require much space.

House plants can also be placed in the kitchen, with many thriving in the warmer, brighter and more humid environs of a kitchen. Make sure to find a plant which suits your space and style. A large, tropical plant may look great on paper, but may not enjoy a small dark kitchen.

Do your research before purchasing – you will be helping any potential plants thrive – while also providing yourself with a lush and inspiring kitchen oasis.

Small changes to the design of your kitchen can have a huge functional and aesthetic impact which drives greater creativity and inspiration. Whether you decide to employ the help of a professional or implement smarter solutions of your own, a better and brighter kitchen can easily be yours.

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