How to Turn a Cluttered Home Into a Minimalist Masterpiece

How to Turn a Cluttered Home Into a Minimalist Masterpiece
Written by Noelle Kelly

These tips can help you to strip back everything you don’t need from your life, and simplify your day-to-day comings and goings.

A home full of clutter can be the beginning of a serious mental health condition, or the result of one. Hoarding is, of course, an extreme end of the clutter spectrum, but an inability to let go of things is something that affects many people every day, the world over.

Minimalism is a relatively recent development that encourages one to keep only the items that serve a purpose, or make one’s life better in some way. This philosophy has opened the doors to a lot of interesting construction and design phenomenons, such as the Life Edited movement, or the Tiny Houses movement.

How to Turn a Cluttered Home Into a Minimalist Masterpiece

A way to turn your cluttered home into a minimalist masterpiece is not only within reach, but surprisingly doable. We have laid out the steps to take here, in the hopes that you can get yourself to a more mentally healthy, minimally cluttered living situation.


Decluttering is probably the hardest part of this process, and it involves parting with things that you might not want to part with. A good rule of thumb for whether or not you should get rid of something is the amount of time since you’ve last used it.

For more specialised items, such as gardening tools that are only needed in certain situations, hanging onto them is totally fine. However, for things like a box of old stuffed toys that you haven’t even looked at in over 12 months, the best place for them might be a local charity donation bin.

6 Months without use is a good starting point for common items, like blankets and pillows, or shoes or even clothes. Following this rule, go through your home and sort out your belongings into what you need and what you don’t, and deal with the things you don’t immediately.

Subtle Style Updates

From here, you can make slight changes to your decor or even fixtures in your home to subtly amplify this new aesthetic. Sheer curtains can be added to your windows to help remove some of the light while still letting some through, allowing you to be more subtle about your lighting choices, and giving your home a more gentle and colour-matched aesthetic.

Deep Cleaning

Now that your home has significantly fewer items cluttering it up, it’s time to deep clean. Wipe down your walls with a bleach and water solution to get them back to being gorgeously white, use the same solution on white tiles or sinks in bathrooms and laundries. Wipe down window sills and windows themselves, clean venetian blinds, throw out any trash you find lying around or hidden away, and get your carpeted areas professionally steam cleaned. Once all of this is done, you are just about ready to start a redistribution of your belongings.


Now, you redistribute your existing belongings throughout your house, where they will serve their purpose best. This should leave you with very few items in storage places, and you will have what seems like more natural light coming in from the windows, due to the recently bleach-washed walls reflecting more light than they did before.

Your home will take on a clean kind of glow, and you will be surrounded by objects that only make you happier or serve a purpose, nothing superfluous.

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These tips can help you to strip back everything you don’t need from your life, and simplify your day-to-day comings and goings. The benefits of this lifestyle are well documented, and the aesthetic of your home can be very modern and very stylish once this process is complete.

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