How to Plan the Ultimate Joint Birthday Party

How to Plan the Ultimate Joint Party
Written by Noelle Kelly

Consider adopting a no-gift policy when throwing a joint party

Birthday parties are becoming more and more expensive. Often the cost of throwing a party, together with purchasing presents, is overwhelming, prompting the need for alternatives to be explored.

Throwing a joint party is a surefire way to save some money, while retaining the fun, celebratory atmosphere of the event. Parties alone take hard work, so you will need some help in order to make this event a success. Here are four ways to help plan the ultimate joint party!

4 Tips on How to Plan the Ultimate Joint Birthday Party


Taking photos during a birthday party is extremely difficult, especially if there are 2 sets of guests present. In situations such as these, looking into hiring a photobooth is a great option. This not only allows for photographs to be taken by the guests themselves, but leaves them with a memento to take home.

Make sure the booth is hired for a significant time, in order to allow guests from both parties to have a fair opportunity to take photographs. Looking into photobooths in Sydney is a great way to start investigating whether this will be suitable for your party.


A joint party must remain a celebration, not a competition between each party. Make sure the people being celebrated are recognised individually. Allowing a set number of guests from each party, or organising a speech for each person may do the trick.

For a children’s birthday party, consider singing happy birthday for each child individually, or perhaps have birthday badges for both kids. Adopting ideas such as this reaffirms that the party is not a competition, rather a celebration.


A significant part of recognizing each party, is asking what they would like from the event, and involving them in the decision making. This may be in the form of a specific cake, song or decorations. Sit down with them and discuss ideas.

Compromises may have to be made, but each person will walk away with many of their expectations met. Two cakes may have to be ordered, and a joint playlist made, but it will all be worth it when the party begins.


This is a tricky one, and is something to consider rather than blindly adopt. Gifts can sometimes cause tension between the parties, both for children and adults. If one attendee receives more gifts than the other, or more expensive gifts, the air of competition may become prominent.

Consider adopting a no-gift policy. Ask guests to bring a plate of food, or contribute financially to the party instead.

This not only reduces stress on the parties being celebrated, but also on the guests themselves. They no longer have to stress about buying two gifts, including one for someone that they may not necessarily know. Again, this is something to consider, and will be different for every event.

So, there you have it: four great ways to throw a joint birthday party. Try them all, or pick and choose your favorites. Party planning is a tough gig, so remember to have fun. It is a celebration after all!

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