How to Create a Welcoming Household Environment

How to Create a Welcoming Household Environment
Written by Noelle Kelly

Even the most beautiful homes can feel unwelcoming so follow these tips to make sure your home IS welcoming.

First impressions are of utmost importance; both when meeting new people and exploring new places. Often, these impressions can be difficult to shake, so putting effort into forming positive associations with people and places should be considered.

This is especially relevant in the home: a home that strikes discomfort or anxiety in a guest can deter them from returning in the future.

In the same way, an immediate sense of calm and comfort can allow an association to form between these feelings and the home they have visited. Welcoming and calming atmospheres in the home are not only beneficial to its guests, but its permanent occupants also. With these benefits considered, here are four ways to promote a welcoming atmosphere in the home.

Consult a Professional!

Often, making changes to the home can prove difficult; it tends to be a challenge to see past the home created, and toward the home desired. We are creatures of habit, and it should not be a surprise that many of us end up stuck in an unwelcoming household environment.

In cases such as this, consulting a professional can be extremely beneficial. Finding good quality interior designers in Melbourne is a great starting point, and can help jumpstart your journey towards change.

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Consult the Pantry!

Traditionally, welcoming a guest into a household involves, among other things, feeding them. This has lessened in importance through the years, but offering a light snack or a drink is a surefire way to make a guest feel welcome in the home. If this is done upon entering the house it also adds to the first impression imprinted on them.

In addition, having food on hand increases the appeal for the occupants! There is nothing worse than arriving home to an empty pantry or fridge, so stock up and be prepared. Cooking in bulk and freezing may be preferable for some, or buying ready-made meals may be better suited. Spicing up the kitchen can make this process a little more fun!

Consult the Maid!

In a household, every inhabitant should play the role of the maid. A messy household may make your guests feel unwelcome, not necessarily because of the mess itself, but rather the insinuation that they are intruding.

The other benefit is allowing you to feel welcome into your home, rather than attacked with chores to do. Sharing the load of the household invites us to feel comfortable, calm and lessens the anxiety felt. Reducing clutter and living a minimalist lifestyle can help with this, and can turn a cluttered home into a masterpiece.

Consult your Attitude!

Even the most beautiful homes can feel unwelcoming, and this tends to be a result of the attitude of its occupants. If your tone is rude, your guests and fellow housemates may feel like intruders in the household. Make sure there is no hostility in your tone of voice, and let your attitude reflect the welcoming atmosphere of your household.

So there we have it, four ways to creating a welcoming household environment! Try them all, or pick a few to implement. Good luck!

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