The Smartest Cosmetics Purchase This Year

Foreo Luna Mini: The Smartest Cosmetics Purchase This Year
Written by Carol Combs

If only there was a product that could help us clean and moisturize the skin in a few minutes…

There are tons of cosmetics and beauty products out there that claim to give you flawless skin. You, however, deserve to relax, and not have to experiment with so many options.

The fact is – pick up a few high quality skin care products and stick with them, building up and enjoying a consistent and sustainable skin care regimen.   A time tested and globally loved skincare device to include in your skincare routine is Foreo Luna.

Foreo Luna Mini: The Smartest Cosmetics Purchase This Year

Foreo is known for introducing some revolutionary trends in the market that have completely changed the perception of beauty devices. The Luna Mini might just be your smartest cosmetic purchase this year, and we’re here to tell you why:

About Foreo

Foreo is a Scandinavian brand that questions the conventional beauty standards and aims at launching some path-breaking cosmetics for women and men. Luna Facial Kits are a household name among beauty enthusiasts. The Mini Series is a recent addition to that list.

Rechargeable, waterproof and travel-friendly, the product is tailor-made for working women who have neither time nor patience to indulge in exhaustive skincare regime.

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Luna Mini – An Overview

Want to get rid of your pimples and acne? Your search for the ultimate beauty product ends here. Foreo Luna Mini cleanser brings the ultimate skin deep cleansing regimen home; your skin’s going to love every bit of the pampering. It’s compact, it’s convenient and it’s conducive to all skin types.

For those who haven’t heard of this awesome product yet, Luna Mini is a handheld facial brush that can be leaves your skin soft and radiant in just three days. So, how does that work you ask? Simple, the brush uses T-sonic technology for applying transdermal sonic pulsations across your skin.

foreo-luna-miniHow to Use It?

Finally, we have a product that works equally well on oily, dry and mixed skin! The Luna Mini is a pretty device available in vibrant shades of pinks, blues, and charcoal blacks. You can use it with any basic cleanser out there.

We found that cleansers offered by brands like Peter Thomas Roth and ELTA MCD work best. Gently run the brush across the skin’s surface for a minute twice a day and you’re sorted. It removes makeup, opens up your pores, and deeply cleans out the dirt and extra oil, leaving you fresh and rejuvenated.

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For best results, we recommend you remove all makeup, dampen the skin and apply your regular cleansing cream first before using the product. Move the device across the different sections of your face in upward or circular strokes.

This boosts the blood circulation and also relaxes the tight facial muscles, leaving your relaxed and refreshed. Seriously, who needs an expensive appointment at the spa when you have a massager handy!

Top Features

Luna Mini is a compact, lightweight and ergonomic facial massager kit that features over 1300 non-abrasive bristle-like touch points. These points are coated with silicon that feels extremely smooth on the skin and prevents blisters and rashes.

The framework of the device is divided into three main sections, each catering to a specific skin type. These are some of the best features of the product, further discussed in detail below;

Versatile 3-Zone Brush

Luna Mini features an innovative three-zone brush technology that is perhaps the best aspect of the product. There are over a thousand small brush feathers coated with silicon that feel wonderfully ticklish on the skin. The finer bristled side of the brush caters to the dry and sensitive skin.

The thicker coarser touch-points placed strategically at the top are great for cleaning impurities off oily skin. These broader bristles are set on the reverse side of the body for channeling pulsations directly to the skin. The touch-points open up the skin pores and drastically reduce acne formation and pimples.

T-sonic Technology

The soft silicon body uses T-sonic technology to distribute the pulsations evenly across the surface. The T-sonic technique is works by channelizing over 8000 transdermal sonic pulsations across the skin through soft silicon circular brushing action.

Luna Mini, using this unique technology gently exfoliates your skin, removes the dead skin cells, cleanses the impurities and excessive oil in record time. This method is way more effective than manually cleansing and massaging your face.

Firstly, the silicon body is hygienic, spotless and reaches deeper than your fingers. And secondly, the Luna Mini has the right texture for removing the impurities without harming your skin.

Why We Love Luna Mini?

Taking care of your skin is a tough job. The meticulous cleansing, toning, and moisturizing can be very time-taking and exhausting. The Mini Series is innovative, user-friendly and versatile to say the least. Spare yourself the trouble of following a strict skincare regime.

Luna Mini requires but a minute from your hectic schedule every morning and you are sorted for the day. The advanced silicon bristle-tips and T-sonic technology effectively remove the dirt and excessive oils deep from your skin pores.

We recommend you use it on your skin after removing the makeup. The three-brush framework suits every type of skin, oily, natural or otherwise. What’s more, you can use the product with just about any cleanser.

The device lasts pretty long, you can use it for about 300 times on a full charge. The rechargeable batteries are replaceable. The silicon-coated bristles are durable as well and come with a 2-year warranty. And the best part is that Luna Mini is water-proof. You can use it in the shower, use it on damp skin or for regular use- it works well either way.

The Bottom Line

Oh, if only there was a product that could help us clean and moisturize the skin in a few minutes. Well, lucky for you, Foreo is listening! The Luna facial kits are not your average face massagers. Sure beauty isn’t skin deep, but we all want beautiful skin nonetheless!

In conclusion, Luna Mini is among those rare cosmetic products in the market that focus on keeping your skin healthy and hygienic. Try it out now.

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