Visit These Locations in London to Take a Break from City Life

Visit These Locations in London to Take a Break from City Life
Written by Wendy Dessler

Hell Ms. Traveler…Mark down these peaceful places in your places to visit list

We are all besieged to keep our minds sane in this fast-paced life of Mumbai. It is definitely the city of dreams, but one does need to take a break from the rushed life. If you are also seeking a peaceful holiday, why not book Mumbai to London flight air ticket this time and hop on a peaceful journey.

London is one of the most visited cities in the world. Though London is not known for its natural habitats, it doesn’t mean that the city is not blessed with any nature park or wildlife park.

In fact, you will find that London has plenty of gorgeous places where you can take a break from their city life and spend some time in nature’s lap. So, if you want to spend some of your time in peace, London comes with a variety of options for you which are listed below: –

    1. WWT London Wetland Center: – It is an oasis of natural wildlife land which is presently managed by Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust. Situated upon the river Thames, this wetland reserve covers a hundred acres of land and provides shelter to several species of birds. Not only birds, but insects and other amphibians can also be seen in the reserve. Hence, the wetland reserve is a great place to indulge in nature’s admiration.
    2. Thames River: – Historically, economically or as a cultural identity, River Thames has been one of the most significant parts of London. Moreover, it is also a perfect gateway to sit peacefully and let your thoughts to flow along with the Thames. Being the longest river in England, you surely would want to take a cruise tour on the river and find more attractions between Westminster and Greenwich.
    3. Green Park: – The land which builds a connection between Hyde Park and St James Park is known as Green Park. Situated in central London, it is recalled as one of the best royal parks of London. It covers approximately 40 acres of land and is an ideal place for a peaceful time where you can walk, jog or relax for a while. Spring is the right time to visit the park as several Daffodil flowers grow almost everywhere in the park.
    4. Kensington Gardens: – Kensington garden is another admirable royal park of London. It was initially made as a hunting ground, but later it was turned into a fashionable garden by Queen Caroline. Ever since the park has become an important cultural attraction. The park has its own allotment which gives tips to grow healthy vegetables. People enjoy the architecture and art at Serpentine Gallery. Diana Playground is an attraction for kids as they get a chance to feel like a pirate at substantial Pirate Ship and Sensory trails, all are inspired by the adventurous fictional character called Peter Pan.
    5. St James Park: – This Park is smaller than the others but is still an attraction for the tourists and peace finders because it is surrounded by some fantastic tourist spots like Buckingham Palace, Hose Guards etc. The Park is related to the royal family of England. First, it was under the care of Henry III, and later James-I looked after it. James-I wanted a variety of animals and birds in the park resulting in the modifications in it. There are also activities for children and Duck Island at back side of the beautiful park.
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Mark down these peaceful places in your places to visit list and plan a trip to go there and give your soul a restful, pleasant time. But before that, do book Mumbai to London flight air ticket in advance to avoid any last-minute disappointment.

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