One Size Doesn’t Fit All: Why You Need Custom Clothing

Why You Need Custom Clothing
Written by Carol Combs

If you are used to buying clothes off the rack, you might have noticed that most of them do not fit very well. If you can afford to buy custom clothing, you should do it because you will be able to find your perfect size. Here are some reasons why you need to opt for custom clothing:

Better Fit

If you like to look good, you should know that fit means everything, as it is the key to showcasing your body in the most flattering way possible. Well-fitting clothes have a way of making people look confident and healthy. For instance, if you are a baseball coach, you should choose to outfit the whole team in custom baseball shirts for a healthier and more confident-looking team.

Custom clothes provide you with comfort and ease while being suited to your personal measurements. Extremely loose or tight clothes will bring down your confidence. However, a custom-made outfit can adjust the following areas:

–                  The sleeve length

–                  The ease of the neck area

–                  The additional length of your body

For this reason, you should know your body type from the beginning. Moreover, you should focus on dressing up your current body, not the one you expect to have after a month of exercising. You can always look for clothing designs that flatter the best parts of your body and hide the unflattering parts.

Highlight Your Personal Style

personal style

When you opt for ready-to-purchase clothes, there is a limit to how much of yourself you can show. However, with custom clothes, you will be able to show more individuality. The features that you can leverage are:

Color — this is the first thing that people notice about your outfit. The color of your clothes also affects the first impression that you make on others. Moreover, each color has a different meaning and you should take the time to explore the different meanings.

Cuff shape — if you are looking for a unique look, you should style your cuffs in the best way possible for you.

Pocket shape — if you want a shirt with a clean look, you can go with a pocket-less design or put pockets on both sides to add some style.

Collar design — your collar will enhance some of your facial features, which means that you should choose the most flattering collar.

Quality Materials

When it comes to suits, off-the-rack varieties have bad quality because they are mass-produced to make them cheaper. On the other hand, custom clothes go through the hands of professionals who look carefully at every detail. Custom tailors prefer accuracy above all else, which means that they will look for inconsistencies and make alterations on the spot.

You can also select the best fabrics, including cotton, silk, wool, and artificial fibers before the sewing process begins. If you live in a cool climate, you can choose heavy fabrics and a loose blend/weave for warmer climates. To get the best construction, you should research the different weaves and look at their characteristics.


In this current world of temporary goods, you need to make smart decisions as a buyer. Make sure that you think several steps ahead if you want to avoid a hefty price tag. Custom-made clothes are a good investment because they last longer than off-the-rack clothing.

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Since custom tailors use quality materials, there will be fewer problems later, which means that you will pay for fewer repairs over time. You can add the following elements to make custom clothes last longer:

Gusset — This material can be inserted into the stress points of clothing to reduce the stress in those areas.

French seam — this seam offers more longevity and security and prevents threads from being damaged and caught up together. Moreover, French seams allow your outfit to have a cleaner appearance.

Less Wasted Time and Effort

Unlike shopping for clothes, opting for custom clothes is a straightforward and convenient process. If you are always busy, custom-made outfits are more preferable as you will not have time to shop.

The above reasons should be more than enough to convince you to opt for custom clothing. To get the maximum satisfaction, you should communicate well with your tailor to inform him of your preferences.

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