How Your Pet Can Improve Productivity

How Your Dog Can Improve Productivity When Working from Home
Written by Carol Combs

Do the words work productivity and pet dog belong together?

Productivity is a critical factor for any worker. Its a concern for your boss that you achieve set targets at the end of each day. It’s what they are paying you for anyway. So you have to find ways to deliver otherwise you will be out of a job.

These days the work environment is evolving, and people are working from home. While it is a novelty for many, it does provide some challenges. One of the drawbacks you may face as a work-from-home professional is reduced productivity.

Dog Improve Productivity
Since your boss is not looking over your shoulder at home, you may find that you have a lot of distractions and temptations that may interfere with work results.

Therefore, it is wise to find a way to increase your input from working at home otherwise you may lose your job or face demotion. A great way to do this is to get a pet dog.

Do the words work productivity and pet dog belong together?

Of course, it sounds crazy putting the words pet dog and productivity together. You would think that a dog will distract you rather than help you to work well from home. The opposite is true. Research proves that dogs and other pets can increase productivity for people that work from home. In other words, your pet dog can help you achieve your work targets, and that’s a great thing to hear.

The big question is – how can your dog help you to be more productive at your job when you work from home? We all know that dogs are man’s best friend and they make great companions. However, it seems like a bit of a stretch to think that they can help us deliver excellent results when working from home. Well, here are a few good reasons to put your doubts at bay.

1. Stress relievers

When you work at the office, its a charged atmosphere with few ways to release stress. The most that you can do when you feel overwhelmed is go out for a cigarette or coffee break. Your colleagues are most likely facing the same pressure you are so they can be of little help.

It’s no wonder that some companies are now allowing people to bring their pets to work because they know they can help in reducing stress at the workplace significantly. Dogs have a special gift.

They can make you feel better when you are feeling sad or overwhelmed. Many dog owners can attest to one incident or another when they were in the dumps, and their dog or dogs helped to cheer them up.

Well, this attribute is a great bonus when you are working at home and are stressing over deadlines you have to meet or complicated projects that need your attention.

All it takes is a walk with your dog, a game of catch or a few minutes of cuddle time with it to cheer you up. You will find that once you get back to work, you have a fresh mindset that will help you find solutions to problems that were driving you crazy earlier.

2. Fun distraction

When you have an important project, it is easy to overwork. One of the problems with working without breaks is that it interferes with your concentration and productivity. Your instincts and thinking patterns will not be sharp because whether you like it or not you are human and will suffer brain fatigue.

In such cases of mental and physical fatigue taking caffeine drinks and energy drinks will not provide you good results like interacting with your pet dog. Having a pet dog around you when working will help you work at a healthy pace that will help you provide excellent results consistently.

A dog needs you to check up on it frequently to give it water and food. Dogs also need some human interaction so you will have to take breaks to walk your pet, cuddle it or just run around in your yard with it.

Such breaks although circumstantial can work wonders for you if you are a workaholic.  Check auto dog feeder reviews to be able to work longer blocks and your dog can treat himself.

Stress relievers

3. Health support

Working at some offices is draining. People often sit at their workstations from when they start working to when its time for a lunch break or time to go home. Sitting, eating, working and sleeping is not a great way to live and it might lead to burnout or illness.

More people are developing chronic ailments and dying from them at work more than ever before. It’s not uncommon to hear that someone has suffered a heart attack or stroke at work. Some people even suffer from mental breakdowns in the office while trying to meet deadlines and achieve set targets. The same can happen to you when working from home and having a dog is a great way to prevent it.

Apart from improving your well-being just by their presence, dogs require that you walk them at least once a day. You will also find that many of them are frisky and will have you running after them to play fetch and other games. Staying active in this way will help you improve your mental and physical health. The healthier you are, the higher your work productivity even as you work from home which is what you and your boss need.

4. Great company

Working from home means you have to interact with family members and visitors when you prefer to concentrate on your workload. Well, having a dog can help you deal with this challenge. Having a pet dog is a great way to keep others out of your hair so that you can get work done without interruptions.

Dogs make fun companions for family and friends when you cannot spend time with them. If you have kids, you can have them play with the dog or take it for walks while you finish up an important task. They can also keep visitors company as you focus on work assignments.

5. Source of extra income

Do you know that your dog can help you to earn some extra income? If you are a content provider or sales professional, a dog can help you increase income productivity. By blogging on various dog products and your dog care routine, you can earn a lot of money.

If you find that your regular work is not paying you enough money, this is a route worth taking to increase your income. You can test products on your dogs such as the wireless dog fence, dog crate, dog toys and other dog products and write about them. Many companies that produce doggy products will pay you for this which is an easy way to get some extra income.

These are a few ways that having a dog will help you increase productivity when working from home. A dog is an excellent addition to any home. They are warm and giving animals that will provide you with great companionship. If you are working from home, try and get one and see how it will improve your life.

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