How to Create a Bold Look for Date Night

How to Create a Bold Look for Date Night
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Written by Alison Stanton

No matter what you decide to do with your honey for date night, you can definitely impress him with a bold look.

After a long week at work, you are eagerly planning a much-needed date night with your special someone.

Instead of your usual pizza and a movie routine, you have something extra fun and special planned — and you want to celebrate this occasion with a bold look that will turn your sweetie’s head.

Of course, “bold” can mean different things for different women, and a lot depends on what you have planned for date night. Fortunately, going bold is a flexible term that you can have fun with.

Here are a few ideas for a bold look

Make your lips dramatic

If you are normally a ChapStick and/or lip gloss kinda gal, your upcoming date night is a perfect opportunity to bring some dramatic color to your lips. While you might equate “bold lip color” with bright red lipstick, you should shoot for a color that will complement your skin tone.

If you have super fair skin, you might do better with something in the pink family, and if your skin is more medium toned, try on a mauve-brown shade.

Women with darker skin typically look terrific in deep pink or red shades–think a raspberry-colored lipstick. Of course, if you want to go with Fire Engine Red go for it, it will definitely highlight your lips and help your mouth stand out.

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Smokey eyes

If you want to draw attention to your eyes–and have your sweetie gazing into your peepers for the night–you can’t go wrong with smokey eye shadow. Spring for a palette of different eye shadow colors, like the Morphe Eyeshadow 35 color combo that features a bunch of dark hues and shades in the purple, brown and black families.

You can practice on the days leading up to your date to see which tones work the best on your eyes with the matte eyeshadows. If you are going to a club or a fancy restaurant, opt for the darker colors and use them as eyeliner to create a really sultry look. If your date is going to be more casual, stick with a lighter shade and apply less eye makeup. Either way, your eyes will look amazing.

Thick lashes

If you normally skip mascara or put on a light coat, you will definitely create a bold look with eye lash extensions. Unlike the spidery false eyelashes your mom and grandma might have worn, today’s lash extensions look much more natural while helping your lashes look thick and luxurious.

If you are new to the lash extension world, check out different varieties online, as well as the accessories you will need, like glue for lash extensions.

If you are planning a glamorous night on the town opt for longer varieties, whereas a cosmic bowling night might call for shorter versions. Practice ahead of time applying them so you will be ready to look bold and beautiful when date night comes.

An eye-catching outfit

If you normally can be found in jeans and a t-shirt and are going to a trendy new bar for appetizers and drinks, Glamour suggests a “Sexy Summer Leather” look, complete with a leather or faux-leather skirt, a light tank and strappy sandals.

A more traditional restaurant might call for black pants or capris with a tuxedo blazer and tailored blouse or striped t-shirt. If you plan on going to a rock concert, go for skinny jeans and a vintage concert t-shirt, and focus more on your makeup for the bold look.

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No matter what you decide to do with your honey for date night, you can definitely impress him with a bold look. Experiment with your lipstick and eye shadow and give lash extensions a try, along with an outfit that is different from what you usually wear every day.

You may love the bold look so much, you will end up trying different versions for future dates.

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