What to Keep When Moving in Together

3 Things to Keep & 3 Things to Toss When Moving in Together
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Written by Alison Stanton

For any couple, moving in together is an important step forward and often comes with a lot of time and effort.

According to a survey conducted by rent.com, the majority of people in relationships think that couples should live together after roughly six months to a year of dating. Whether this seems too short or too long for you, one of your concerns may also be what to actually do when you decide that it’s time to cohabit.

Moving in with your significant other is an exciting process, but it also means blending two people’s lives together. So what do you keep and what do you toss? Lets take a look at a few suggestions.

What to Keep

  1. Memorabilia of Your Relationship: It may seem a little bit sappy, but keeping any memories of your time together is always a great way to turn a house into a home. You can hang up certain things on the wall or use them as displays. Another great idea is to take activities or hobbies that you share and use them as decoration around the house.
  2. Security and Safety: Maintaining a safe and secure house is always important. Therefore, make sure you keep your hands on any extra locks or keys that you like to use, equip all the doors with screen protectors and update your security system. Wire-free security systems are now available to make this easier, providing protection to your interior and exterior, with night vision, advanced motion and weather resistant technology.
  3. Items of Sentimental Value: Be sure to hold onto anything sentimental, whether that be related to your family, friends or partner. And even though you may hate it, don’t ask you partner to get rid of something that holds sentimental value — all it will do is cause built up resentment and may be something you regret in the long-run.

What to Toss

  1. Gifts From an Ex: Moving in together is a big step in any relationship, so it’s important that you’re all in. Therefore, it shouldn’t be hard to get rid of anything you’ve gotten from a previous relationship. Start this big step with a clean slate — it’ll inspire you to create even more memories with your current partner.
  2. Useless Collectibles: As with any big move, it is the perfect opportunity to de-clutter and organize any mess you may have. If you have a few different magazine subscriptions and find it hard to throw out each weekly edition, then now’s the time to get rid of that huge stack of magazines on your coffee table. Other items that may need sorting are clothes, linen, books or silly collections that have built up over the years.
  3. Anything broken: It may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many damaged or bad quality items can collect in one household. Well, now is the perfect time to get rid of that couch that has a ripped cushion, or the pans that are all scratched up — your partner will hopefully also have one, which will be the perfect replacement.

For any couple, moving in together is an important step forward and often comes with a lot of time and effort. So when you do decide to take that leap with your significant other, use the opportunity to not only sort out your belongings, but to be sure you’re combining your lives in the best way possible.

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