What to Consider When Bringing Your Camera On a Trip

What to Consider When Bringing Your Camera On a Trip
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Written by Lauren Topor

Traveling is a fun way to create new memories, and photos are a perfect way to capture those memories

It’s no secret that people love taking vacation pictures. This has been a popular hobby for over a century. Now, with cameras being accessible on almost any phone, and websites like Instagram and Facebook to post vacation photos on, more and more people are doing travel photography each year.

Many people debate over whether or not they should bring their expensive camera on their trip. Should you bring your expensive camera on your trip to capture those stunning views, or will your camera on your phone be enough? Here are some things to consider.

Renters Insurance When Traveling

You might be wondering what reasons there would be to secure  renters insurance  while traveling — isn’t that for covering things back home? While this is true, some renters insurance policies will cover items lost or stolen on a trip so long as they were among the “scheduled items” listed on the policy. This means that if your expensive camera and camera equipment were scheduled items, they’re covered even if the damage occurs elsewhere.

Bringing an Expensive Camera on Your Trip

Expensive cameras often capture the best vacation pictures. For avid travel bloggers, YouTubers, or other people who promote by content, having a good camera is essential. Here are some good things to consider when bringing your expensive camera on the trip.


1. Your pictures will be more detailed and capture more beauty.

2. You will be able to take multiple pictures without worrying about them being blurry.

3. People often consider those with a nice camera professional photographers.


1. Cameras can be stolen. If you go on a trip, consider purchasing insurance for your camera. Aforementioned renters insurance may cover this as well as travel insurance. Check with your insurance company before going to ensure its coverage.

2. It can take longer to set up a nicer camera for a photography session. If you are trying to grab candid shots, this may be a more complicated option.

Bringing Your Smartphone

With the ability to capture stunning photos, many types of smartphones are a great option to consider bringing on trips, especially considering all the other uses for them. But should you leave behind your nicer camera and just bring the phone? Here are some things that you should consider.

Pros of Smartphones

1. Most people have their smartphones on them all the time. This makes it easier to access a picture and makes it so that you do not need big equipment to lug around.

2. Often, a smartphone camera will capture all the details you need to provide you with excellent memories of your vacation.

Cons of Smartphones

1. While smartphones are great at capturing photos, they can sometimes be blurry or not be as professional as a nicer camera.

2. Smartphones are easily broken if removed from their protective case to fit into mounting equipment for photos.

There are many different benefits to having each camera brought along on your vacation and only a few downsides. Traveling is a fun way to create new memories, and photos are a perfect way to capture those memories so they last a lifetime.

Don’t forget to bring your camera along with you to make sure that you are able to get the photograph of a lifetime.


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