New Zealand Networkers: How To Network In A Coworking Space

New Zealand Networkers: How To Network In A Coworking Space
Written by Noelle Kelly

Your coworking space in New Zealand will present many opportunities to connect with other professionals.

New Zealand’s professional community is a diverse mix of people that comprise the country’s population. Go to any of its major cities and you can see the influx of new cultures mixed with indigenous people to create a new culture that influences business culture.

Interestingly, because this business culture influences a mostly positive attitude toward business relationships and work, the coworking space fits right in with the Kiwi work ethic.

Central to the coworking space is the ability to make connections in the community simply through social engagement. That is the great thing about coworking, though. That it is a place where work and networking can create great opportunities. In fact, much of the networking that takes place in the coworking space happens as a result of professionals engaging with the community during the business day.

Keep reading to learn how to best network in a kiwi coworking space so you can promote your business.

Talk To Your Coworking Colleagues

Work is a grind, so when you have the chance to talk to your neighbor do so. Simple conversations can be the introductions to the types of conversations that lead to business relationships. Talk shop. Talk about your interests or even your personal life, but conversation is the way into meeting others in the workspace.

The coworking office format is such that the space is designed to promote social interaction whether at the hot desk or any other place in the office. Many of these spaces have both designated work areas and areas where people can socialize. Please click on the following link to see how one organization designed their space to promote social interaction.

Participate In The Community

Your place in the coworking community can be defined simply through your participation in it. In addition to the events on the community calendar, consider taking a role in volunteering to help coworking managers host events. Other activities that actively engage you in this community include volunteering to monitor/manage the social media page, and this is great if you actually have expertise in social media promotion.

Finally, those interested in participating in the community should consider volunteering to host events that can help other coworking professionals with some aspect of business.

Help Other Professionals In The Community

Not that your own time is not valuable, but if you have expertise in a certain area, do not be afraid to help others with that talent. In many cases, these freebies can help you meet others who might be able to be a resource to you within the community. For the most part, these connections can lead to others in a place that can only be described as a marketplace of professional talent.

Become An Asset

You can heighten your visibility in this business setting simply by illustrating that your worth as an asset to the coworking community. By becoming an important part of the coworking community, you can possibly be in a position to leverage the collaborative efforts to your favor.

While everyone in the space is important, being an asset means that there is a skill or expertise that is highly valued in the space, more specifically that is needed by others. Ultimately, by informally showing people that you are a skilled professional, you do more than just simply have a conversation.

Networking In The Coworking Space

Your coworking space in New Zealand will present many opportunities to connect with other professionals. The great advantage you have as a coworking professional is your office is the platform for much social interaction. Call it socializing or call it networking, but it all leads to the types of business relationships that can help your business grow.

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