Are You Aware of the Investment Opportunity?

Are You Aware of the Investment Opportunity?
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Written by Carol Trehearn

Learn how you can learn and take advantage of investment opportunities.

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Investing: Can it Be Done to Earn a Second Income While Working Full-time?

If you have studied for an online MPA degree with Rutgers Online, with the hopes of carving out a successful career in the public administration sector, then you will already have the analysis skillset to be able to take advantage of investment opportunities.

Are You Aware of the Investment Opportunity?

Many workers in the public sector get a good salary for the job they do, but use their income to invest in many opportunities that give them a second income while working full-time.

It’s possible for anyone to do exactly that regardless of the industry they work in, but if you work in public administration you will already have an added advantage in the sense you will be good at decision making and will also be able to analyze investment opportunities that could prove to be profitable. Have a look at some of the below investment opportunities that could give you the second income you have been looking for.


There are thousands of stocks to choose from when it comes to investing, and while it could be a risky opportunity, it could prove to be very profitable and give you the second income you’ve always wanted. You will need to spend time studying the market and ultimately the industry and stock you are investing in will determine how much time you spend studying and analyzing opportunities.

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The best way of investing in stock is to make sure you have a look at the resources online to give you a good example of how investing in stock should be done. You have the choice to invest in casino stocks, health stocks, sports franchises, and so much more, so if you have experience in a certain subject already, you can take advantage of that by investing in a stock related to it.  You will learn more here that owning a monthly dividend stock is extra beneficial.

Crowd Funding

There are many crowd funding websites available online that will give you the chance to offer capital to new business startups and people wanting to bring their own unique ideas to life. This can be profitable, and the sites used will often credit check the people so that you know your money is going to be safer than investing in other opportunities.

Personal Loans

Not only are there sites for people looking for capital to start their own businesses, but there are also other websites that will allow you to offer personal loans to people that need emergency credit for a new car, or a medical operation etc. This could be a good way forward to earn an extra income, and while it may not be instantly profitable for you or make you rich, it could prove to be the much better option than saving money with your bank, and it could be a lot less risky than investing in stocks.


There are of course thousands of investment opportunities around that could be profitable and earn you a second income, but the three above are some of the current most popular ways of investing. As long as you invest the time and have patience in researching investment opportunities, there is no reason why you can’t earn an additional second income.

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I’ve accepted that I am where I am and that’s a good thing.  

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 I have found that when I appreciate everything I’m in a good space.  I need to be more mindful of my tolerance of others.

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I’m proud of living my dream of an alternative lifestyle on a small holding surrounded by animals.  My dream is to make enough time to write and paint more.

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I love peace and quiet and that’s not so easy to achieve in a world filled with people.  

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I love my own space and my independence. Love my family, friends and  my pets.

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