The Home Design Hunt – What to Look For In a New Property

The Home Design Hunt - What to Look For In a New Property
Written by Noelle Kelly

When searching or considering a house, the first thing that many think about and look at is what they can afford.

Penelope and Derek looked around at yet another open inspection. It felt like a never-ending process, trying to find something that suited their needs, and more importantly, what they could afford.

Four weeks of this,” said Derek. “I’m starting to go insane! Will we ever find something?”

Penelope looked at him. “I hope so sweetie,”

Derek scoffed. “Good, because if these prices don’t get better, we’ll be moving out bush.”

When searching for a new home, there can often be so much to consider. Of course, there’s the obvious in affordability and budget, but depending on your individual needs, certain areas and suburbs may be more appealing or considerable than others.

So when looking for a new home, what do you want/need?

Here are my tips for the things you should think about when looking for your next home.

A suitable design:

When searching or considering a house, the first thing that many think about and look at is what they can afford.

However, you should also contemplate a layout and design that can meet your needs or those you may have as part of a growing family. Do you need two bedrooms or three?

A great number of home designs in Sydney can cater layouts to fit budgets and meet individual requirements.

Appropriate Floor Plan:

When thinking about buying your house,  it can be an advantage to imagine how you want your desired home to look.

Perhaps you have an elderly parent or relative. Is a double storey with stairs going to be a problem if they visit?

What do you enjoy the most? Are you a proficient cook? Perhaps you want the kitchen close to a garden to harvest your own ingredients.

Yes, think about the necessary, but remember, it is a place you can spend much time in, so make sure it suits you.

Observe your surroundings:

Much like Darren and Penelope from the scenario, if you are looking through the housing market, you’re probably attending many open for inspections. This is a great time to use an eagle eye.

While it can be so easy to only focus on the budget, taking in the appearance of each room could help you cut out the wonderful from the rest.

According to, if you’re looking to buy, take in those such as the ceiling levels, the roof levels and those such as wet areas for mould and damp.

It could save you from buying the house that may end up needing the most repairs.

Location and Infrastructure:

When searching for a new property, money and interior layout shouldn’t be your only focus.

It is important that you choose a property that fits in with your daily lifestyle. How far are you willing to commute to work each day? Is it close to schools or other infrastructure and transport you may require?

According to The Spruce, considering “the charm of the neighbourhood” and other location factors are important as putting down a deposit.


At last, we finally come to the budget. A house can be one of the most expensive purchases and shouldn’t be made lightly. Building up a healthy savings account is a good financial measure.

However, if it makes financial sense to you, buying your own property can be a great step forward.

According to Business Insider, if you are planning to settle in a particular area for a length of time, and you can afford to at the time, it can sometimes be worthwhile to buy over renting long term.

Now there is my guide for some of the things to look out for when considering your first or new home. Good luck!

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