How to Make a Fancy Cheese Plate Without Spending a Fortune

How to Make a Fancy Cheese Plate Without Spending a Fortune
Written by Noelle Kelly

Music, good company, and good conversation will make a party great, but the star of the show is always the food. A lot of party hosts invest oodles of cash and countless hours slaving over a hot stove or searching for a premier caterer.

The truth is that you can serve up really delicious but simple dishes that look and taste like gourmet offerings. Decadent dips, tropical fruits, and tasty morsels of meat can be spread out on a buffet table to keep your party guests delighted and satisfied. To really make an impression, consider creating a fancy cheese plate.

Here are the steps you should take to a gourmet cheese plate that will have all your guests raving.

Selecting a Good Range of Cheeses

Your fancy cheese plate will look absolutely lovely, but if it only contains a high-grade American cheese, for instance, party goers will seriously question your judgment. There are plenty of tasty cheeses that you can choose from to create a good cheese plate, but two considerations should be kept in mind. First, your cheese plate should be as colorful as possible.

Try to buy cheeses in a range of colors so that it looks complex. Next, you want to have both bold and mild kinds of cheese. Not all guests will appreciate the sharpness of bleu cheese, while others may think brie is just too bland.

Arranging Cheese the Gourmet Way

Consider that all of your guests are going to make a beeline for your fancy cheese platter. There may be two or three people reaching for the delicious cheeses you have on offer at the same time, so a suitable arrangement is essential. Each variety of cheese should be sliced or crumbled, then piled or stacked so that it can be visually identified.

Softer cheeses should be served with a knife and put near crackers or bread. Basically, just make it easy for guests to find and take the cheeses that they want to sample in a hygienic manner.

Garnishing a Fancy Cheese Plate

A gourmet cheese platter is going to be made more beautiful by the garnishes and embellishments it is paired with. A few sprigs of parsley can brighten things up, while a bunch of grapes can make a cheese platter go from blah to outstanding.

If you can use garnishments that are edible, that would definitely help to make your cheese plate even more exceptional. A few strawberries served with the stems still on them will add color and an element of luxury to a simply arranged cheese plate made by hand.

How to Present a Fancy Cheese Plate Tastefully

The best way to present your fancy cheese plate is going to be on a round cutting board. You can cut and prepare all your cheeses on the same cutting board that you serve them on. Round cutting boards generally look more elegant, and they are more noticeable from a distance. Put a round cutting board on a lazy Susan and it will be even easier for guests to serve themselves. 

If you have access to some tasty domestic and imported cheeses, then you can make your own fancy cheese plate. Get some fresh fruit, fresh herbs, and some crackers to serve the cheeses with, to help your guests to satisfy their hunger.

Think out how you want to present each cheese before putting it on a cutting board or serving platter. This is an hors-d’oeuvre you can serve to guests that requires no cooking, minimal preparation, and is simple to clean up. 

At the end of your party or event, you might even have a delicious treat that you can enjoy yourself.

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