6 Health Problems You Can Get From A Cockroach Infestation

6 Health Problems You Can Get From A Cockroach Infestation
Written by Noelle Kelly

If someone is asked to name a creature that they don’t want scurrying across their floors, the answer would probably be a cockroach. A cockroach infestation could mean a lot of things, and all of these things are not good. There are reasons why cockroaches infest homes, including improper hygiene, the current season, and food. Known as the most common pests in the world, there are a lot of ways developed to get rid of these pests at your home.


There’s a lot of possible reasons why a horde of cockroaches might find their way into your home. Some of these are because of sheer necessity to survive. Cockroaches have simple needs in life. As long as they have warmth, shelter, food, and moisture, these critters will stay, keeping their little community in your house hidden.

It is recommended to get rid of these critters as soon as you saw a single one crawling in your floor. Services that offer pest control, such as moxieservices.com, can answer all the pest questions that you have.

However, pests will feel more at home with houses that are dirty and lack hygiene. They will crawl for the food scraps on your dishes if left unwashed. If there’s a leaky pipe or a place where moisture is always present, better watch out for cockroaches hiding on the corners.

Although there is no guarantee that cockroaches will leave after a general house cleaning, it is better to make sure that the critical parts of your home, especially those places involving food, are always clean to avoid contamination.


1. Allergies for some people

Cockroaches are known for carrying around specific allergens that trigger asthma to some people. Their feces, saliva, and exoskeleton can trigger allergic reactions for people who will be unfortunate enough to inhale or touch these allergens. A decaying cockroach’s corpse can even emit these particles in the air.

2. All-year-round asthma

People with allergies are not the only one affected when a cockroach infestation happens. When asthma patients breathe the allergens and proteins coming from cockroaches, this might trigger their asthma, getting the same effect as dust mites. What’s even worse is that most of the pesticides are spray-based and might cause even more harm in the asthma patient.

3. Campylobacteriosis  and other diseases transferred through food

Campylobacteriosis or the infestation of C. jejuni is just one of the possible food contamination from cockroaches. This will cause bloody diarrhea or dysentery syndrome to the victim. Some other diseases from cockroaches are Salmonella, E.coli, and Enterococcus.

4. Muscle Inflammation through bites

The skin will react by swelling up and becoming itchy when bitten by a cockroach. In the case of an allergic person with asthma, the effect might be deadly.

5. Polio

Cockroaches can carry the bacteria called Poliomyelitis which causes Polio. Cockroaches are among the insects and pest who can carry this kind of bacteria.

6. Ear infection

If you thought that a cockroach biting you is the worst case scenario, then you might want to consider. Cockroaches can crawl into your ears while you’re sleeping and might even lay eggs before leaving if they leave at all. And the reason? Cockroach likes to stay in a small, warm and humid place.


There are a lot of ways a horde of cockroaches can damage your property. Cockroaches can destroy things in the wardrobe, including clothing that is made of natural fibers. They can also damage electronics when they decide to crawl in it. One of the examples is crawling in and destroying wires in the process.


The best way to get rid of cockroach infestation in your home is to prevent it from happening. Always make sure that the dishes will be cleaned after you eat. Clean the critical parts of your home, as well as the parts where cockroaches can hide. Destroy the eggs from their hiding places and make sure to cover the food containers to avoid contamination.

If an infestation happened in your home, getting help from professionals is recommended. A professional pest control technician should examine your property for the best option to take. Remember to schedule the operation when a person with asthma or allergies are not around.

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