How leverage The Internet How to Leverage the Internet To Make And Maintain Friendships

How to Leverage the Internet To Make And Maintain Friendships
Written by Noelle Kelly

Mothers are in charge of more tasks that most CEOs. Between children, carpooling, going to work, maintaining the home, and making sure their family is happy, sometimes a mother’s life doesn’t go beyond work, children, and marriage. 

It’s really challenging to be a mother in the 21st century. However, it’s important for us mothers to remember to take care of ourselves. Luckily, the internet is accessible to everyone and is an easy way to make new friends and connect with old ones. It’s also a great way to keep in touch with relatives. 

Here are five ways for moms to stay connected and make new connections via the internet:

Join an online forum

Online forums are a great way to connect with other moms and like-minded individuals. If you want support from other moms, need someone to talk to ,or have a hobby that and you want to talk with people who have a similar hobby, online forums are a great way to connect with other people. 

For example, babycenter has a great forum for pregnant mothers or mothers with small children. 

Start a blog 

Starting a blog is a great way to make new connections as well as share opinions and release pent up energy. 

Starting a blog is also a good idea for any mom who wants to make some side income (whether you are a stay-at-home-mom or a working mom). 

If you have limited time, you might think starting a blog is going to make you even more stressed, yet many mom bloggers  report feeling a liberating sensation and even make new connections when they start their very own website. 

Additionally, a mom blog doesn’t need to cost anything (there are many blogging websites that have free hosting options) and can go about as a type of treatment when you’re genuinely stressed and essentially need to vent. 

Social Media

Web-based social networking is a great way to connect with old and new friends! Mothers love Facebook’s groups where you can connect and meet new mom friends. 

Additionally, you can share life’s greatest moments as well as communicate with your Facebook friends by sharing your thoughts, opinions and asking them for tips! Facebook makes it really easy to keep up with your loved ones and even socialize from your own home, or on your phone at the doctors office, or pretty much wherever you have a internet or cell phone service. 

Instagram and Snapchat  are also great social media websites to communicate, meet and share with other like minded moms and make new connections!

Instagram– Instagram is a great way to visually keep your friends updated on what’s happening in your life! Additionally, you can see what your friends are up to. Instagram is also a great social venue for marketing if you have a side hustle.

Snapchat– Snapchat is a social networking site to communicate with your closest friends. You can send videos and photos on Snapchat that will disappear once your friend views them. You can also send videos or pictures (or “snaps”) to your “story” for all of your Snapchat friends to see. A snap that you send to your story last for exactly a day. 

Even better, Snapchat has well-known cute and fun filters to use when you record videos and take pictures from inside of their app. 

Quick Tip: Make sure  to check the protection settings cautiously on the entirety of your web based life profiles to guarantee your family’s data is just perceptible by those you need it to be. Additionally, only allow people you really know to be friends with you on social media. 

Use People Search Website To Reconnect 

The people who are closest to you are more than likely already saved on your contact list. However some family and friend connections take work…and perhaps there are family members and friendships  that you haven’t heard from in years and you are not exactly sure how to get ahold of them. 

As a mother you may want to reconnect with a far off relative as your kids get older. Or perhaps you want to reach out to some friends from college. Maybe it’s a friend who you know could land you a sweet business deal or even invest in something that you are working on. 

Thankfully, people search websites make this process a lot easier.   Individual people search tools like National Cellular Directory can enable you to nail down contact data for relatives and other connections that you have lost touch with.  

To search for someone you want to get in touch with, simply put their name in National Cellular Directory’s Search By Name bar. 

Their Search By Name reports include (if available): 

Owner’s Full Name

Cell Phone Numbers
Unlisted Phone Numbers

Current Address
Address History

Family Members

Additionally,  websites such as are a decent method to accumulate data for your children on your family ancestry.

Downloading the app Meetup 

Meetup is an app/website set up for people that wish to connect with local groups. If you have a hobby, or want to find a mom group, simply search for specific group near you using the app’s search bar. You can also select how far you are willing to travel from your location to narrow the results. 

Final Thoughts 

As mothers, we deserve more credit for all the sacrificial work we do on a daily basis. Regardless of whether you’re a first-time mother, a SAHM, or a mother searching to reconnect with her older children, the internet is your closest companion once you make sense of which method works for you.

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