The Site for Opportunities- A Trade Fair

The Site for Opportunities - A Trade Fair
Written by Noelle Kelly

The Site for Opportunities – A Trade Fair

Trade fairs are exhibitions where companies of a particular industry come together to put up their latest products. These are an important part of the marketing plan which gives new exposures in business. Trade fairs are a platform for open interaction between several companies and their customers, helping companies to understand the latest trends. Many trade fairs organize seminars for educating people on business policies.

Classification of Trade Fair

Trade fairs are classified under “public” which are open to the public and “trade only” which are only for company representatives and press members. Some trade fairs are a mixture of both the types.

Organizing a Trade Fair

The trade fair is comprised of trade show booth which is a place where people put their products on display. They range from small ones with just a few tables to elaborate ones.

The success of a trade fair is measured by the number of leads, opportunities and returns on investment that comes out of the event. The greater the effort applied for organizing the booth, the greater the success.

The following are the  requirements  for planning a  trade show booth:

–  Pre-show campaigning via e-mails or social media. This allows the audience to get an idea about what one has in his/her booth.

–  Preparing a team of workers who would work together to gain success in organizing. Each one of them should have all the necessary information about the event. Pre-event meetings are essential to ensure all the instructions have been communicated. Pre-calls have to be done so that everyone who was to be there is present at the event.

–  The width of the booth should be taken care of. Booths that have 30-inch tables require 72-inch booths and those having 24-inch table need 66-inch booths.

–  The booths should be spacious allowing comfort to the audience.


Cost of a booth is $100-$150 per square foot on an average for large displays. The cost of organising a trade fair includes electrical charges, space rental, booth cleaning and designing, telecommunications, travel costs, accommodation, etc.

How to Attract Customers in the Trade Fair?

The main intention of each individual would naturally be how to attract more people to their booth. Even if one has worked very hard on the products, they have to be viewed by the audience otherwise it is of no use. The more the number of attendees the more leads one gain. However, this is the toughest job.

However, there are some ways by which it is possible to have greater attendees such as follows:

–  Gaining a thorough knowledge of how a trade fair works well by visiting different trade fairs

–  Getting in touch with the publications of trade beforehand to write about your ideas

–  Arranging contests or games to engage the attendees  

–  Offering free Wi-Fi

–  Demoing the products

–  Having quick and informative takeaways

–  Making the place a relaxing area for the attendees

–  Giving a personal touch to the design of the place to stand out of the rest

–  The best way to attract more people is by giving them what they are usually interested in

–  Try to attract journalists as they are the ones who would be covering the events

–  Making people aware of what you are displaying via social media beforehand

Trade fairs require time and money investment. Like any other project, these are all about the result. Therefore, one needs to prudently work to ensure his/her work is reaching the maximum  

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