How to Enjoy Your Sleep in Comfort

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Written by Christina Moore

How to Enjoy Your Sleep in Comfort

When it comes to sleep, both quality and quantity matter. Without either one, you can suffer from a poor sleep mechanism.

There are many factors that cause these complications, but those of you who often experience these issues might overlook external factors by overly focusing on internal factors. Both factors can significantly influence your ability to sleep sound and this is why a solution should be sought.

Benefits of a Healthy Sleep

Understanding how various factors affect your sleep can help you find a solution. A healthy maintenance of your sleep cycle allows your body to repair tissues, muscles, and organs.

Proper sleep also boosts the circulation of chemicals responsible for strengthening your immune system. There are many functions that rely on your body’s sleep mechanism, including the following:

Being asleep doesn’t mean your body switches to a shutdown mode. It is, in fact, still working pretty hard by processing the day’s information and creating information to store. This information serves as long-term memories.

Hormone releases are a vital part of the process that the sleep mechanism ensues. There are different types of hormone secretions that occur in the body with each serving a purpose. For example, melatonin is released to control your sleep design; it raises the sleep levels at night time by stimulating drowsiness.

However, one of the most important hormone releases is the growth hormone released by the pituitary gland. This hormone is responsible for the body’s growth and reparation.

The nervous system, which is responsible for many vital functions, takes a break while you are asleep. According to studies, sleep deprivation can cause an increase in the nervous system activity, which can potentially increase blood pressure in you.

Coronary heart disease experts are studying this condition to establish a strong correlation between irregular sleep and increased susceptibility to high blood pressure.

Factors that Affect Sleep

As mentioned before, there are many factors that stem from internal causes which influence your ability to sleep soundly. These factors are usually stress and medical related issues. However, external factors are not paid much attention to and more often than not, you tend to ignore them.

Being Jetlagged

If you’re someone who travels often or takes longer commutes on a daily basis, you may likely be suffering from either of the two symptoms, insomnia or excessive sleeping. Insomnia can result from being out of your comfort zone as your body rejects the new external setting.

You might occasionally nod off during the day. The multiple intervals of sleep during the day sets you up for an irregular routine. It causes an imbalance in your sleep cycle which affects your day to day tasks significantly. In order to correct this pattern, you should consider extra comfort inducing technologies and also look into healthy sleeping habits.

Reclining chairs, or power recliners, are perfectly designed to accommodate the movement of your body by helping it release stress. Whether you posture yourself upright, stretch and relax your back or lay straight you can enjoy a variety of massage strokes and techniques offered by this innovative technology.

Sleeping chairs are ideal for people who’ve had a history of sleep issues due to uncomfortable sleeping positions or other issues. With the highly adaptable chair, you are now able to insert your desired settings and match your level of comfort.

Age and Mobility

As you age, your body undergoes many physical changes. These changes tend to have an effect on your bodily performances, including your ability to sleep. For example, elderly people have a harder time falling asleep compared to younger people.

These changes are, however, part of the normal aging process. This doesn’t mean you can’t seek solutions or alleviate the trouble you face while falling asleep. There are ways to make sleep easier, such as getting regular massages to soften the body’s stiffness.

Sleeping in an Uncomfortable Bed

The bedroom environment must be on par with your ability to sleep. This means that if you’re sleeping in a bed that creates discomfort, you’ll be very likely to wake up with a headache. Several variables combine to formulate a perfect sleeping environment.

The main element is the bedding you allow your body to rest on. Your sleep preference can be relative, but what doesn’t change is the comfort level required by the body to be able to sleep well. Learn more about mattresses by searching online mattress stores. Or find out what sleep preference works best for you and get a good night’s sleep!

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