Six Unique Health Benefits to Coffee

Six Unique Health Benefits to Coffee
Written by Noelle Kelly

If you can’t live without your morning coffee, you will be pleased to know that coffee has a wide range of health benefits. With many studies being carried out on the health benefits of coffee, we are learning that it can reduce the risks of certain types of cancers and type 2 diabetes.

Here are six of the unique health benefits coffee has. 

Lowered Risk of Heart Disease

Studies in Korea and Brazil have shown that those who drink coffee throughout the day have less risk of developing heart disease. Along with having a healthy diet, drinking coffee, especially organic coffee leads to less calcification (a  build-up  of calcium) in the heart’s arteries. This  build-up  can lead to heart disease and,  therefore,  the less we have, the less likely we are to develop it.  

Lower Post-Workout Pain

If you are having muscle pains from your heavy gym sessions, look no further than our good friend coffee.  A study published by The Journal of Pain  found that when  just two cups of coffee were consumed  after a  workout, muscle pain was reduced by up to a whopping 48%. Yet another reason to get your caffeine fix.

This can also help to alleviate the tiredness you may feel post-workout and may be best done in the morning,  as too much caffeine close to  bedtime  could stop you from sleeping. I’ll be frank though, I prefer my post-workout chocolate pudding….

Increased Fiber Intake

Eating fiber is incredibly good for you,  as it can improve your blood sugar and cholesterol levels and helps to regulate bowel movements. If you do not think you are getting enough fiber in your diet, coffee is an easy way to sneak a little extra fiber into your body.

Each cup can have around 1.8g  of fiber in it, with the daily recommended amount of fiber being between 20 to 38 grams.

Protects Your Liver

Drinking coffee can help protect against liver  cirrhosis. This occurs when the liver stops functioning properly due to long term damage. One thing that contributes massively to liver cirrhosis is alcohol intake.

The best way to protect your liver from this condition is to reduce your alcohol intake.  One study  has shown that coffee has many protective  benefits for the liver.

Lowered Risk of Diabetes

Coffee can lower the risk of getting type 2 diabetes, but if you add a lot of sugar or cream to your coffee this can counteract its great benefits.  

Dr. Frank Hu completed a  review  of the research regarding drinking coffee and type 2 diabetes and found that caffeinated coffee drinkers reduce their risk of this condition by 9% for each daily coffee consumed. Decaffeinated coffee drinkers have 6% less risk per daily cup.

Fewer Cavities

Again, this only refers to those who drink their coffee black, as cream and sugar can lead to cavities. Drinking black coffee has been found to kill the bacteria from your teeth that cause tooth decay.

This means less chance of cavities. If you cannot drink black coffee, try to find a healthy alternative to cream and sugar. You  can put CBD oil in coffee  and this provides a further range of health benefits,  such as reducing blood pressure and anxiety levels.  

It is only what we add to coffee that makes  it unhealthy and,  therefore,  trying to limit the amount of sugar  or cream  we add to coffee can help make it even better for us.  

Try adding an alternative such as CBD oil for tasty coffee with better health benefits.  Next time you are sipping your coffee,  enjoy it knowing it is providing you with a range of amazing health benefits.

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