How to Become More in Tune with Your Partner

How to Become More in Tune with Your Partner
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Written by Eliza Picot

Although it’s easy to just focus on yourself and your needs, it’s crucial that your partner still feels like a priority.

Relationships are never easy–regardless of what you see while scrolling through social media. You first have to wine and dine your partner while you get to know each other.

The honeymoon phase follows this period–during which your partner can do no wrong and you are both on your best behavior. And finally, you fall into a groove where you still love each other, but the fiery passion that sparked your initial love may have calmed to glowing embers. 

So, how do you keep the flames of your relationship from getting snuffed out? With some thoughtful planning, flexibility, and a little mystery.

Keep reading for tips to get more in tune with your partner so you’ll never be out of sync again.

1. Continue to go on dates

After you’ve been with someone for a while, it’s easy to fall into a rut. But maybe it’s time to put down the phone and go out for a real date. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate night out, it can simply mean cooking dinnertogether at home or snuggling up for a movie during a Friday night in.

2. Ask questions and listen

One of the best ways to reconnect with a partner is to actually talk to them. Sure, you may talk about what you’re going to make for dinner, what errands you need to run, and what time you need to pick up the kids but that’s not the deep conversation your relationship thrives on.

Try to carve out a set time every day to sit down and really catch up with your partner. It doesn’t matter if it’s over coffee at a local cafe or at dinner at home, it just needs to be a few minutes of quality time where you ask, “How was your day?” But then follow it up with more questions instead of diving into endless scrolling of Instagram.

3. Travel together

Traveling together is one of the best ways to keep your connection strong with your partner. Instead of exchanging gifts, go explore a new city together or plan on being tourists in your hometown. Below are some of the best couples’ destinations where you can escape for a little R&R:

● Baros, Maldives: White sand beaches, villas over calm, turquoise waters – need we say more?

● Atlas Mountains, Morocco: Explore the mountains of Marrakech for a truly epic adventure you and your significant other won’t soon forget.●

 Black Hills, South Dakota: If you’re itching for a road trip, take a cruise through Badlands National Parkwhere you can explore the Old West and visit Mount Rushmore.

● Portland, OregonCraft beer, unique stores, oddities, food trucks, and bikes – Portland is a hub for all things cool. It’s a great location for outdoorsy couples looking start their days with craft coffee and end it exploring mountainous, untamed forests.

● Sonoma, California: Do you and your special someone have a more discerning palette? Food and wine-centric couples will adore Sonoma, home to over 400 wineries

● Jackson Hole, Wyoming: This beautiful area has unique attractions all year round. Explore Grand Teton National Park together and end the day at one of the many Airbnb or hotel options. 

How to Become More in Tune with Your Partner

4. Get spiritual

Have you ever wanted to  really  get to know your partner? Try getting an  aura photography  reading to learn more about yourself and your partner on a deeper  level. An aura reading provides you with invaluable, in-depth insight into your relationship – so your connection will continue to blossom.  

5. Don’t forget about the little things

When was the last time you bought your significant other flowers? If you’re wracking your brain trying to remember, it might be time to think about bringing a beautiful bouquet home. Although it’s easy to just focus on yourself and your needs, it’s crucial that your partner still feels like a priority. Try to do one nice thing for your partner a week.

Here are some cute ideas to try out in your own relationship:

● Give him/her a gift for no reason

● Plan a surprise dinner

● Get a to-do list item done for him or her 

In conclusion

Being in a relationship takes a little effort and thoughtfulness to really make it work, especially in the long term.

However, if you remember to do small, nice things for your partner regularly and spend quality time together, you’ll create a foundation of respect and friendship to enjoy for years to come.

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I have accepted that it is impossible to please everyone.  I struggled for years to fit in with what I thought were the “cool kids,” but in the end I was unhappy because I felt I could never be my true self. 

I now accept that to be my true self, as an individual, means that not everyone will like me, and that I can’t please everyone.  But I now understand that being myself brings to me the most fulfilling relationships.

2. What have you learned to appreciate about yourself and/or within your life, physically and mentally? On the other hand OR in contrastare there elements of who you are that you’re still working on appreciating?

I have learned to appreciate my family more, flaws and all.  When I was young, my parents had a very busy life, and struggled to just make ends meet in our family.  As a result, I became resentful that they never spent enough time with my siblings and I. 

Now I appreciate them more, because they worked so hard for our family, and I am grateful now that I can have a stronger relationship with them as an adult and have a truly fulfilling relationship with them.

3. What is one of your most rewarding achievements in life? Tell us not only what makes YOU most proud but also share the goals and dreams that you still have.

The most rewarding thing I have ever done was when I decided to study abroad in Barcelona for a semester.  I really felt like I broke out of my shell.  

Being in an unfamiliar place where you can’t speak the language is difficult, but I gained so much confidence in myself that I can achieve my dreams in life.  I still have a passion for travel.  I would love to become a travel writer one day and circle the globe!

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