Fitness Gear You Need to Add to Your Gym Bag

Fitness Gear You Need to Add to Your Gym Bag
Written by Noelle Kelly

It’s time to toss the duffel bag and opt for a more modern, convenient solution.

Whether it’s to keep track of your progress, boost performance or add a bit of extra motivation to hit the gym, good quality fitness gear is always a smart investment. Nothing amps you up for a solid workout like some stylish fitness gear and a comfortable pair of kicks to match.

Add in a fitness tracker, some quality pre-workout powder, a pumping soundtrack, stick it all in a good gym bag and you’ll be set to reach your fitness goals in record time. We understand the importance of having the right tools for the job, which is why we’ve compiled a list of essential fitness gear items to add to your collection. So,  without further ado, let’s dive right in.  

Sauna Attire

When you think of the word “sauna”, you’re probably imagining a relaxed shirt or gown to wear in an actual sauna. However, in this case, the word refers to a specialized type of gear that’s made to enhance your performance and keep your body safe during intense workouts. 

The comfortable, lightweight fabric found in sauna vests provides an increased level of compression on your torso, locking in heat and promoting sweat. It also provides support for your abdomen and lower back. If you’re looking to get started, consider a sauna suit, vest, or pants from Kewlioo. 

Stealth Core Trainer

Getting your abs on point can be a pretty tedious experience, so why not make it as fun as it is challenging? The Stealth Core Trainer works as a balance board and connects to your smartphone via their app, which features a game designed to distract you as you try to hold yourself in place. It’s about as fun as an ab workout gets. 

RYU Quick Pack

It’s time to toss the duffel bag and opt for a more modern, convenient solution. The Quick Pack by RYU looks like a futuristic backpack and features a high-quality build with a reinforced internal shell, helping the bag maintain its shape when empty. 

Plenty of organization pockets make it a versatile option for outside the gym, with space for a bottle, laptop, keys, and towels. The drop-front design facilitates easy access, while the padded straps make for effortless hauling of heavy items. 

5.11 ABR Trainers

Gone are the days of having to buy separate shoes for running, training, and hiking. The ABR Trainer shoes offer the best of both worlds with a grippy, rugged outsole, and a lightweight breathable mesh upper. And, unlike most trail-focused shoes, they feature a clean and versatile design that goes with any gym outfit. 

Nike Therma Hoodie

If low temperatures are keeping you inside and away from the gym, it’s time to invest in a warm, comfortable hoodie such as those found in Nike’s Therma line. The exaggerated neckline keeps your upper body warm by holding in heat and protecting your neck from cold winds, while the large zipped pockets keep your belongings safe during workouts. 

Thermal fabric and a water-repellent coating are icing on the cake, making for a functional and stylish jacket. As usual, the iconic Swoosh comes at a pretty penny, but few brands can compare in terms of quality and durability for the price. 

Bragi Dash Pro

Unlike your typical wireless earbuds, the Dash Pro earbuds are packed with biometric sensors that can provide real-time feedback on your workout session. They’re one of the few truly wireless earphones out there that are ideal for exercise and can store up to 1,000 songs from your Apple, Android or Windows Phone device. 


The right fitness gear and supplements will make your workouts more efficient, convenient and,  most importantly, enjoyable. Just don’t get too dependent on having to buy another piece of gear to keep  you going –  that could become a bit expensive.

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